Moratuwa Night Market and amusement fair

With the aim of providing a noble social welfare to the society the MJF Foundation institute has organised a trade fair. The fair will introduce to the general public, goods and services provided by the differently able Entrepreneurs and those individuals who lost their employment opportunities due to COVID-19. This trade fair and carnival will be held on March 27 (Saturday) from 05.00 PM until 10.00 PM at the Moratuwa Katubedda MJF premises.

Those visiting the fair and carnival can purchases food, clothing, handicraft etc. The carnival would also include entertainment through music, Puppet shows and comedy films. Patrons can also take a walk through the first Urban Botanical Gardens.

The organizers hope that both the young and old would have a memorable evening of fun.

The organisers have taken all necessary precautions to strictly adhere  to all the current  health regulations and guidelines in the face of  the present COVID-19 Pandemic.

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