EBC’s Swarnavahini to broadcast mega Indian teledrama series, ‘Mage SandaObai’

The Swarnavahini television channel, part of the EAP Broadcasting Company recently launched its first-ever mega Indian tele drama series, ‘Mage SandaObai’. The series, which was originally titled ‘Saath Nibani Sathiya’ in Hindi, has been artfully dubbed in Sinhala for the benefit of local audiences. With episodes shot in a variety of locations in Mumbai and Switzerland, the high quality production was initially broadcast worldwide on Star Plus and will now beavailable on Swarnavahini as well. The 30 minutes-long episodes will air everyweekday at 7pm. 

The captivating production tells the story of two very different cousins (Sathya and Rashi) who are pre paring to get married at the same time. Both cousins have a conflicting relationship with each other and have to navigate their way through their stressful match making journeys and wedding preparations. Additionally, their interactions with their family members constantly develop, ensuring a memorable and emotionally heightened plot. 

Commenting on the latestteledramaseries to beintroduced to Swarnavahini’sschedule, Dylan Samuels– Director of Operations, EBC stated: “We are extremelyproud to introducean international teledramaseriesto ourdiverse portfolio of television programmes. ‘Mage SandaObai’ is a big budget Indian production that has been carefully altered for Sri Lankan audiences. This tele drama series features an incredible cast and crew, whose talent and commitment have resulted in the delivery of a world-class production. We are truly pleased to offer our valued viewers the opportunity to watch this exciting story unfold. As we look ahead to the future, we will continue to provide Sri Lankan audiences with a wide and varied choice of programmes as part of our ongoing quest to remaina leader in the entertainment and broadcasting industry.”

In the ‘Mage SandaObai’ teledramaseries, bothSathya and Rashi are preparing to marryintothe wealthy and well-respected Mod ifamily thathails from Gujarat. Sathyaisa traditional girl, who was raised by her maternal uncle and schemingauntyUrmila, but her cousin Rashi is more modern and harboursa deepdis like for Sathya. Due to various circumstances, Sathyaisselected as a bride for Ahem, an eligiblebachelor in the Modifamily and Rashi ischosen for Ahem’syounger cousin Jigar. Whilst Rashi plots againstherunassuming and naive cousin, she starts to gel well with her intended spouse, whilst Ahemis rude and appears uninterested in Sathya. Sathyafeelsdefeated and unhappy with her marriage, but as time passes, she is able to impress her in-laws and her formidably strict mother-in-law. In spite of all the hurtful plans made by Urmila and Rashi againsther, Sathyamaintains her kind and good-naturedways, ultimately earning the respect of Ahem and her new family. All of the characters’ lives continue to clash and intertwine throughout the story, creating many dramatic, tense and heartfelt cinematic moments. 

Since its launch in 1997, Swarnavahini has remained dedicated to delivering high quality programming and reaching out to an extensive audience base across Sri Lanka. The channel has been identified as one of the top-rated television broadcasting organizations in the countryand is part of the EAP Broadcasting Company, which also comprises of ETV, Shree FM, E FM and Ran one FM. 


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