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Pravurjya Yoga Planetary combinations pointing to an ascetic or a monastic life


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Yogas constitute an integral part of Vedic Astrology. Pravurjya Yoga occupy an important place among the Special Yogas like Dhanayoga and Gnanayoga. 


Renouncing worldly life
Pravurjya Yoga means planetary combinations in an individual’s Natal Chart, indicating that the native would renounce the worldly life or the normal life of a layman to devote the entire lifetime to an ascetic way of life in pursuit of the final emancipation. For the followers of Buddhism, the Pravurjya Yoga means entering the Noble Order of Maha Sangha.


Religions in ancient India
We have to take into consideration that when the ancient Indian Rishis expounded the astrological principles relating to Pravurjya Yoga there were many religions and religious sects in India. Hinduism was the predominant religion in ancient India as it is today. Later religions like Buddhism and Jainism also gained ground in the Indian society. 


Rishi Varahamihira on Pravurjya Yoga
There is a separate chapter devoted to Pravurjya Yoga in classical astrological work Brihat Jataka which contains the astrological principles enunciated by ancient Rishi Varahamihira. 
According to Rishi Varahamihira, those born with four or more planets positioned in one Bhava or House in the horoscope are destined to renounce the lay life for the celebate life of an ascetic. Which of the several religious orders the native would enter to pursue his career seeking emancipation depends on the strongest planet in the multi-planet combination. 


Buddhist Order of Maha Sangha
If Mars is the strongest planet in the combination, the native would enter the Order of Buddhist Sangha. If Mercury is the strongest, the native would enter the Order of Ajivaka or Jainism. The other planets would indicate other religious orders which had gained ground in ancient India. If the planets involved suffer defeat in a planetary war (Graha Yuddha), the native that entered the religious order under the influence of that planet would return to lay life.


Influence of Dasa lord
Entering a religious order or getting ordained as a monk will happen when the native comes under the Dasa period of the strongest of the Pravurjya Yogakaraka planets.


General combinations
Saturn – Chandra – Venus combination particularly in the 4th or the 9th House is considered a strong Pravurjya Yoga. 

The Sun powerfully placed in the 5th House when Mars is positioned equally strong in the 1st or the 7th House is looked on as a Pravurjya Yoga. A person born with a such a combination would gain fame as a great religious dignitary.

Following are planetary combinations that could lead a person to renounce his lay life. 

Several planets are either Swakshetra or exalted in Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

There are four planets positioned in one sign in the 4th, 9th or the 12th House. 

If only Saturn aspects the lord of the sign where the Moon is posited.

When Saturn placed in the 9th House when it is not Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, aspects the Moon
If Saturn aspects the Ascendant, the Moon and Jupiter when the latter is placed in the 9th House.

When there is a very powerful Rajayoga, if Saturn is placed in the 9th House without being aspected by any other planet, the native would enter a religious order after giving up high position, wealth and other possessions.     

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