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In Yoga, air is the primary source of Prana or life force. Pranayama maximizes the benefits of Prana. Pranayama is used in yoga as a separate practice to help clear and cleanse the body and mind. Pranayama increases the body’s immunity, as the enhanced oxygen and blood supply brings health to the body. Pranayama can retard or reverse the effects of lung damage in smokers. Pranayama also helps control the mind during stress. It helps relax and de-stress not only the mind but also the body. Recent research has shown that Pranayama is an effective solution to stress. As the management of stress through modern medicine essentially brings severe side effects, ultimately stress is multiplied by side effects in the long term.  

Hence, Pranayama is like a multivitamin capsule. Practicing pranayama regularly keeps problems at bay.  

You can prevent or cure heart disease, arthritis, impotence, obesity, menopausal problems, ulcer, fatigue, colds, viral infections and dozens of other illnesses - all with just a few minutes of practicing Pranayama daily.  

Poor breathing leads to a variety of diseases such as hyperventilation syndrome that causes everything from tiredness, chest pain and sexual problem. When you take rapid, small, upper body (chest) breaths you won’t get enough oxygen.  

The quick exhalation of carbon dioxide when breathing fast disturbs the balance of acidity and alkalinity - pH in blood. When acid levels drop, a complicated reaction occurs that keeps blood cells from delivering oxygen to muscles and organs including brain. This can lead to high blood pressure, a racing heart and shallow breathing that lie at the root of many illnesses including heart disease.  
Researchers have proven that Pranayama (breathing exercises) slows heart rate, lowers blood pressure, improves the immune system and reduces anxiety.  

Alternate breathing brings calmness, balance and unites the left and right sides of the brain. If you practice Pranayama in the morning, you can begin the day stress-free, feel wide awake and ready to tackle any problem. 

Many ailments are caused by incorrect breathing. They can be alleviated - and even cured - through specialized techniques in Pranayama.  

This discovery is causing quite a storm. Mainstream medical science doesn’t like being outperformed by ancient natural remedies.

Ancient traditional healing techniques reveal how to breathe diseases right out of your body.

Breathing exercises like Pranayama have been used for thousands of years to cure everything from a cold to heart disease.  

During breathing exercises, you breathe more oxygen into the lower lobes of your lungs. You actually radiate Prana (vital life energy) throughout your body. When you practice Pranayama, your prana is able to travel through your body freely and smoothly. The body’s organs and systems are in a state of harmony, healing and preventing diseases. Most diseases are caused due to the obstruction of free flow of Prana through your body. Free travel increases the body’s immunity as the enhanced oxygen and blood supply gives vitality to body.  


Pranayama is a safe and simple way to balance your physical, emotional and mental state. More doctors are prescribing Pranayama as a complementary and alternative medicine to drugs in some hospitals abroad. Pranayama and meditation are also introduced to students in some schools. Furthermore, millions of people practice Pranayama globally to alleviate stress and enhance their lives.

A Pranayama practitioner reaps the following benefits with regular practice :-  

  •  Healthy body free from disease.  
  •  Extended life expectancy  
  •  Positive effects in the abdomen, liver, urinary tract, small and large intestine and digestive system 
  •  Veins and vessels are purified, physical lethargy is removed.   
  •  Improves general health of the body and boosts appetite.   
  •  Spiritual powers awaken, which in turn give spiritual joy, lightness and mental peace.  
  •  Due to fast inhalation, carbon dioxide levels in the blood reduce and oxygen levels increase. The rich oxygenated blood is supplied to vital organs, improving their functioning.
  •  Due to rapid exchange of gases on cellular level, toxins are removed and cells are revitalized.  
  •  The fast movement of the diaphragm increases efficiency of digestive organs, lungs, and heart   
  •  Pranayama is good for increasing the overall Prana in the body  
  •  It can also get rid of excess mucus, help in removing sinitis and common cold.  
  •  It stimulates the vagus nerve which runs from the stem of the brain to the abdomen. It is part of the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for the body’s “rest and digest” activities. This process calms the body, slows the heart and helps control pain.  
  •  Our state of mind is closely linked to the quantity of Prana within. The more content a person is, he or she feels Prana inside. The more disturbed a person is, the more Prana is dissipated and lost. In Yoga, we try to make use of these connections so that Prana concentrates and can freely flow within us.  
  •  Maintains functioning of the digestive system and cures all stomach diseases.  
  •  Relieves diseases related to heart, lung, and brain, Asthma, bronchitis and tuberculosis are very common diseases across the world. More people are affected with these diseases now. Pranayama helps those suffering from these lung-related problems.  
  •  Pranayama is beneficial in the case of high cholesterol, gastric trouble, acidity, respiratory problems, allergy, diabetes, high blood pressure, migraine, kidney disease, sexual disorders in men and women and even fatal diseases like cancer.  
  •  It can prevent hereditary diseases like diabetes and heart problems. Regular practice of Pranayama removes blockages in the arteries, cleaning them and preventing heart attacks. Pathogenic cholesterol triglycerides, HDL, LDL are also controlled.  
  •  Prevents aging and is beneficial in controlling hair loss, premature greying of hair, wrinkled skin, poor eyesight and forgetfulness.  
  •  Gives a natural glow and shine to the face.  
  •  Keeps the mind calm, peaceful and cheerful.  
  •  Gives strength to meditate for several hours.  
  •  Pranayama cures physical problems, removes foreign particles from body.  
  •  Overcomes vata, pitta and kapha problems  
  •  Beneficial in cases of obesity, constipation and gastric probelms  
  •  Relieves depression.  
  •  Relaxes the mind and body.  
  •  Complete cure of small illnesses has been seen to take place as early as three days. Even on day one, ailments like asthma have been cured.  
  •  Chronic ailments like partial paralysis are cured after a few days of treatment  
  •  Improves athletic performance.  
  •  Helps weight loss.  
  •  Raises energy levels.  
  •  Regular pranayama keeps the body healthy, fit and mind fresh and resolute. The dependency of seeking medical help for many types of ailments can be significantly reduced.  
  •  Negative thinking disappears and there is a positive change in mindset. Bad habits like drinking, drugs and lust can be gotten rid of.  
  •  Whatever happens in the mind influences the breath; the breath becomes quicker when we are excited and quieter when we relax.  
  •  Yoga practitioners know how to “breathe diseases right out of their body.”  
  •  Imagine pranayama is protecting you from heart disease, arthritis, impotence, fatigue sleeplessness, colds, virus, ulcers, menopausal problems, tuberculosis and dozens of more serious diseases – all in just a few minute a day.   
  •  Pranayama boosts immunity. Enhanced immunity helps prevent diseases.  
  •  It boosts sex drive, reduces anger, eases gout, lessens arthritic pain, breathing problems, controls appetite and food craving.  
  •  Positively affects abdomen, liver, urinary tract, small and large intestine and digestive system.  
  •  Spiritual powers awaken, which in turn gives spiritual joy, lightness and mental peace.  
  •  Pranayama provides benefits to the body that are both perceived by the release of melatonin in the body and physiological in nature.  
  •  Some of the major findings over the past years have shown a very statistical improvement in blood pressure. Studies support the reduction of systolic blood pressure and therefore an overall blood pressure reduction. Other discoveries include lowered heart rate and a switching over of the stress response which is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system over to the parasympathetic nervous system. Haemoglobin and red blood cell counts also increase significantly after a short period of practicing pranayama. Another study showed a connection with reduced rate of obesity, diabetes and even some psychiatric illnesses. There is also an association with improved breathing in those suffering from asthma.  
  •  Practice of pranayama helps restore normal respiration, which can reduce the chances of going into a seizure or help stop a seizure in people suffering from epilepsy. It helps reduce the frequency of seizures.  

In short, pranayama is a viable treatment choice and is preferable to prescription medication. More doctors abroad are utilizing Pranayama as an adjunct practice to modern medicine. Local doctors should also consider introducing this amazing therapy to our hospitals too.   


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