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HNB concludes Asian Banker’s Association conference in Sri Lanka

24 Jun 2024 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

HNB and ABA delegation



Sri Lanka’s leading private sector bank HNB PLC successfully concluded hosting an exclusive Asian Banker’s Association (ABA) Short-Term Visit and conference, aimed at fostering global best practices for banks in Sri Lanka and across the Asian region.  
As the only Sri Lankan member of the ABA, HNB served as the local facilitator for the landmark event, which took place at HNB Towers. 

“We are grateful to the ABA and all visiting delegates and public sector stakeholders for having engaged in this invaluable exchange of ideas and technical insights, all of which have a direct and crucial bearing on our own efforts to develop Sri Lanka’s banking industry to a global standard,” HNB Acting CEO Damith Pallewatte said. 
Drawing participation from 17 delegates representing leading banks across Taiwan, Nepal, the Maldives and Iran and two senior members of the ABA, the conference was aimed at providing member banks the opportunity to study and undergo training on specific aspects of the operations and facilities of the more advanced host banks.
The two-day programme commenced with a series of presentations and knowledge sharing sessions at the HNB Towers on the topics of centralised credit operations, digital transformation, digital channels and cyber risk management.

“HNB’s centralised credit operations and robust risk management frameworks have been ambitiously designed to set the standard for the Sri Lankan banking industry and stand as key pillars to our continued success. In hosting this ABA visit, we were able to share these critical aspects with our colleagues from the ABA and gather insights from their own remarkable advancements in digital transformation. 
Such engagements help to foster an environment of mutual learning and growth, which will ultimately benefit the entire Asian region. We are committed to leading by example and contributing to the development of a more resilient and effective banking industry in Sri Lanka,” HNB Deputy General Manager/Chief Credit Officer Nirosh Perera said. 

From left: ABA Deputy Secretary Amador Honrado with HNB Acting Chief Executive Officer Damith Pallewatte