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Sri Lanka in 72nd spot in Global Index on Responsible AI

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  • Sri Lanka fails to score above 20 in any of the pillars or dimensions

Sri Lanka is ranked 72nd position among 138 countries on the first- ever Global Index of Responsible AI 2024 publication. 

The Global Index on Responsible AI (GIRAI) is the first tool to set a globally-relevant benchmarks for responsible AI and assess them in countries around the world. This study constitutes the largest global data collection on responsible AI to-date. In its first edition, the Global Index on Responsible AI covered 138 countries, including 41 countries from Africa.

Sri Lanka received an overall index score of 10.92 and was ranked at 72nd spot globally.

In South Asia, India and Pakistan were ranked ahead of Sri Lanka with index scores of 38.51 and 13.19, respectively.

Responsible AI refers to the design, development, deployment and governance of AI in a way that respects and protects all human rights and upholds the principles of AI ethics through every stage of the AI lifecycle and value chain. 

“It requires all actors involved in the national AI ecosystem to take responsibility for the human, social and environmental impacts of their decisions. The responsible design, deployment and governance of AI are proportionate to the purpose of its use and meet the technological needs of the individuals and societies it seeks to serve,” the report stated.

The Global Index on Responsible AI measured 19 thematic areas of responsible AI, which are clustered into 3 dimensions: Human Rights and AI, Responsible AI Governance and Responsible AI Capacities. Each thematic area assessed the performance of three different pillars of the responsible AI ecosystem: Government frameworks, Government actions, and Non-state actors’ initiatives.

Sri Lanka failed to score above 20 in any of the pillars or dimensions.

Sri Lanka scored relatively high on Responsible AI Governance and Non state actors scoring 19.56 and 15.79 points. However, the country scored poorly on Human rights and AI dimension with a score of 9.95.
The First Edition of the GlRAI revealed that global progress towards responsible AI is lagging far behind the development and adoption of AI. 

“There are major gaps across many parts of the world and in many core areas of responsible AI, especially those areas related to protecting the rights of vulnerable or marginalised groups,” it stated.
The data used in this report covers the period between November 2021 - November 2023. (NF)