Young Diyawanna member to obtain the Home-Sweet-Home loan!     Follow

The Home-Sweet-Home subsidized loan programme for the newlyweds, a promise held out by the last annual Budget has now come into operation, they say.


This subsidized loan, repayable in 25 years is subject to a maximum of Rs. 10 million. 

It was revealed during a gossip session among the opposition Diyawanna members the other day that a young member from a top family in the country who is about to tie the knot has planned to apply for the Home-Sweet-Home loan. 

Even the family members had advised the young Diyawanna member to avail himself of the subsidized loan. 

The young member is said to be planning to obtain the necessary forms from the main bank to apply for a loan on the strength of the marriage certificate, they say. 

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