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Expressway Transport Company (Pvt) Ltd., operates over twenty luxury passenger transport busses on Sri Lanka’s expressways, including tourist services, shall utilize state-of the art technology to automate its ticketing and revenue assurance. 
The electronic ticketing platform which includes a comprehensive back-end data analytics and reporting platform is powered by ATSL Telesoft (Pvt. Ltd), pioneers in automated electronic ticketing to the public and private transport sector in Sri Lanka. The innovative ticketing platform shall enable the conductor with automated ticket issuance capability, as well as introduce an onboard ticket issuing capability which can be used by the driver. This platform shall enable the expressway transport company to draw real-time revenue, passenger and location information. The platform shall include a comprehensive, administrative and operations management capability. The system is expected to be in operation by 
June 2016. 
“The Ministry of Higher Education and Highways as well as the Road Development Authority follows the mechanisms used by developed countries to develop the road systems according to the transport needs. A company that came into being with the development of expressway systems is the Expressway Transport Company (Pvt) Ltd. which is a fully owned subsidiary of the Road Development Authority. While providing luxury passenger transport buses in the expressway system, the Expressway Transport Company (Pvt) Ltd. has introduced a electronic ticketing platform which will be implemented by the end of June 2016, thus taking a giant leap in the transportation field. Sri Lanka will join the ranks of many developed countries with the use of a methodical and efficient process of issuing tickets as well as collecting data. The introduction of such a system is the initial step introduced by the Expressway Transport Company (Pvt) Ltd. and therefore wishes them the strength to move forward and expand this for the betterment of the community”, said Lakshman Kiriella, Minister of Highways & Higher Education.

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