No future leader can rebuild alone; current systems insufficient: Namal Uyana Rahula Thera

Colombo, June 16 (Daily Mirror) - No matter who comes to power in the future, no leader can achieve anything alone and none of the current leaders in this country have a system to rebuild it, the founder of the National Namal Uyana, Wanawasi Rahula Thera said.

While addressing the media at the Namal Uyana premises, he requested all politicians to form a national government without trying to take political power to the hands of each individual, without going alone but gathering all Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim parties around a single table. 

"Now, it appears that an election is imminent. Out of the 225 politicians, each is scrambling to form alliances and then switching sides. While they claim to be doing this for the betterment of the country and its people, their true motive is to protect their own power and happiness. However, it should be noted that these politicians have yet to visit the villages," the thera said.

"Because of the upcoming election, politicians are preparing to visit the villages. I urge all politicians in this country, regardless of their party or alliance, to remember that the nation is now bankrupt—that is the harsh reality," he said.

"All politicians must be held responsible for this. Senior government officials should also be held accountable. That is the real story. While we often blame the politicians, we must also hold accountable the officials who approved the processes that led to the country's bankruptcy," the thera said.

"What's done is done, but this is our only chance to save our country," he added.

"Therefore, we are addressing both the people of this country and the politicians living luxurious lives and indulging in greedy politics, he said. 

"All of you must come together and move this country forward through a national government, putting aside party interests and personal gain.

"The country's cost of living has increased, which means a normal person cannot live. How much does a school book cost? Go to a pharmacy to see how much medicines cost. How can a poor person buy some medicine? The cost of living has skyrocketed, and the country is in debt,

"But remember that the people of this country are not paying their debts, and they are in this situation. People are taxed at a very high level on the day they have to pay their debts. More taxes will come; that's why I said no matter who takes the government, no matter who comes to power, no one in this country has a system to build this country from here on," the thera added.

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