Artificial beach between Kalutara and Mount Lavinia is a success: Coast Conservation Dept.

An artificial beach created along Kalutara's Calido Beach, the Ratmalana-Angulana stretch and in Mount Lavinia, which raised strong protests from activists, has been successful, Coast Conservation and Coastal Resource Management Department Chief Engineer (Coastal Design & Research) Sujeewa Ranawaka said.

He told the Dailymirror that the project was implemented to build an artificial beach, stretching 2 km along Kalutara's Calido Beach, 1 ½ km along the Ratmalana-Angulana stretch, and 500 m in Mount Lavinia.

He said the project aimed to create a 15m beach at Wellawatte through the sand engine method and 150,000 m3 of sand was placed on Mount Lavinia beach and is expected to be transported to Wellawatte.

"The pattern of sand accretion/deposition repeats at the canal outlets at Dehiwala and Wellawatte. The coastal structures had been built to prevent sand deposition at the outlet to keep it open," he said. 

The coastline between Mount Lavinia and Wellawatte would remain relatively stable for many decades albeit with seasonal changes, Mr Ranawaka said.

"The sand deposited at Mount Lavinia had to pass three major natural and artificial structures. Many associations, organisations raised their opposition over the project claiming that the Government was attempting to destroy the natural habitat," he said.



However, the current situation has changed and now we have a large beach area except the filled rock on coastal barriers.

From Mount Lavina to the Wellawatte area the beach had widened about 30 to 40 meters from the sea with natural protection to the coast.

With the effort of the Coast Conservation Department, the country has got a beautiful beach area which can help even to increase the tourism sector, Mr Ranawaka added.

Moreover, the Chief Chef of the Mount Lavinia Hotel Dr Pabilis Silva also claimed that the beach that created in front of the hotel is very precious for them. He claimed that he was also in the wrong manner overfilling the beach area with sand.

However, the artificial beach is a great success done by the Government, Dr. Pabilis Silva said. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)



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