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Authenticity of Balachandran Prabhakaran photos to be probed: Douglas

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Sri Lankan minister Douglas Devananda has said an inquiry would be conducted into the authenticity of the photographs of the slain LTTE chief V Prabhakaran's son Balachandran, circulated by a channel.

The lankan minister for traditional industries and small enterprises who participated in St Antony Church's festival in Katchatheevu islet evaded a direct reply to a query on the involvement of Sri Lankan military in the alleged execution of Balachandran in the final days of the war against the LTTE in May 2009 but said that it was unfortunate. ``It was unfortunate. We will inquire into it. The truth would emerge only after an inquiry. Nothing more could be said now,'' he told reporters at Katchatheevu on Saturday night. However, Devananda also refrained from clarifying if the probe would pertain to the alleged execution of Balachandran or how the photographs had surfaced in the international media.

The annual festival was held this year against the backdrop of widespread upheaval against the alleged war crimes committed by Sri Lankan military and the killing of Balachandran. To a query on Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa pulling out as the host of the 20th Asian Athletics Championships, Devananda said the decision was unfortunate. However, he urged Jayalalithaa to put an end to the Tamil Nadu fishermen crossing the international maritime boundary line (IMBL) to fish in the Sri Lankan waters.

Devananda had announced in the past that he would lead a mid-sea protest of Lankan fishermen in 5000 boats against ``poaching'' by Indian fishermen in Lankan waters, but had apparently postponed the plan. However, he said that if the problem persists, he would stage the protest.

Voicing concern about the practice of Indian fisherman crossing the IMBL, he said that indiscriminate fishing by Indian fishermen in the Lankan waters has affected the livelihood of fishermen from the island nation. ``Government of India and state of Tamil Nadu should restrict the fishermen entering the Sri Lankan waters for fishing,'' he urged.

He accused the Indian fishermen of using the banned fishing nets which wipes out the marine life in the seas. A letter with regard to the issue has been sent to the Tamil Nadu chief minister, he said.  (The Times of India)
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  Comments - 75

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  • Fazli Monday, 25 February 2013 06:30 AM

    and the results of the findings will be swiftly out tomrrow

    Pon Monday, 25 February 2013 09:45 PM

    Douglas wants to take vengence on India. What happened to his murder. Douglas allways speaks the truth.

    GOBI Monday, 25 February 2013 06:50 AM

    He shot himself and dead,,,and and asked photographer to take photo before and after between had a snack simple as that

    Mark Monday, 25 February 2013 10:05 PM

    Well said...this guy sold his soul long ago...

    Grace Monday, 25 February 2013 12:18 PM

    Nobody cares what you say.

    Do not go to the church with your blood-stained hands

    YOU AND ME Monday, 25 February 2013 12:22 PM

    it is true foto,

    Bing Kunda Monday, 25 February 2013 06:56 AM

    Katchaitheevu no-man's land? Who says? It was gifted to Sri Lanka by India. It is fully Sri Lankan.

    Bing Kunda Monday, 25 February 2013 07:03 AM

    People bringing these pictures should prove 3 things:
    1) That all three pictures are of the child.
    2) That the two photos were truly taken in a bunker and the date.
    3) That the child was shot by the SLA and the location.
    What I say here is what is just and lawful, rather than just accusing. If they cannot prove the above with valid proof, I think there's no point bothering about these pictures any further. In this age, it is an easy task for anyone with a computer to edit pictures and make all sorts of stories.

    Silva de Mervin Tuesday, 26 February 2013 09:24 AM

    By the way did you ask the Indians to prove the authencity of the person they sought for murder and you are same?

    It is in our country only we have criminals or suspected criminals to reign us!

    RamUK Monday, 25 February 2013 12:45 PM

    ltte very devious. dont rule out possibility of them shooting the kid to put blame of our army boys.

    Real Peace Monday, 25 February 2013 07:14 AM

    Minister DD is wanted in India for kidnapping, ransom demanding and murder but he is refusing to give himself up to be probed.......!!!!

    dias Monday, 25 February 2013 12:53 PM

    What about the other children killed by monster prabakaran are you going to invastigate that too

    manna Monday, 25 February 2013 12:55 PM

    and dead gadhphi

    Bing Kunda Monday, 25 February 2013 07:27 AM

    It is best to keep silent of worse crimes done by TN politicians and many others in India. Karunanidhi=Jeyalalitha=Mervin=Duminda : all are the same. Politicians are the same in India and SL.

    xlntgson Monday, 25 February 2013 11:56 PM

    They have got a name to hang on. P. Balachandran!

    sen Monday, 25 February 2013 01:49 PM

    it is you and some other tamil ministers who did this not the ministers from majority community.

    Askiesia Ababha Monday, 25 February 2013 01:51 PM

    Sri Lankan army wearing rubber slippers.... Can anyone believe that? what a joke?

    k.,kUNDU Monday, 25 February 2013 01:57 PM

    No need for investigation. Final word said by Gotha already. People no more comments or GR will be angry?.

    shan Monday, 25 February 2013 01:57 PM

    Well said

    Thomas Monday, 25 February 2013 02:18 PM

    See who is talking? This guy is wanted in Chennai for murder attempt etc

    Rohan1 Monday, 25 February 2013 07:53 AM

    Does that make any difference? Charles Anthony was named after Prabaharan's friend, who 'saved his life'. Balachandran was named after Prabaharan's wife's brother, who was killed as an LTTE fighter. Now, what does that have to do with Prabaharan's religion?

    tjeyar Tuesday, 26 February 2013 12:00 AM

    Mr.Ababa when u come and see in north east it's usual they wear slipper. via DM Android App

    perumal Monday, 25 February 2013 03:08 PM

    But this man cannot go abroad for investigation; he will be arrested.

    Nesh Tuesday, 26 February 2013 01:34 PM

    Gotta is after you Minister. Watch your back you may become late minister soon.

    Chamini Tuesday, 26 February 2013 02:45 AM

    Bing.....we will find the truth in few weeks...after the UNHRC session in Geneva!

    uditha Tuesday, 26 February 2013 02:50 AM

    Lal....LOL! you only know little about SL...We are sorry for you!

    unchikun Monday, 25 February 2013 02:58 AM

    The Defence Secretary po pooed these allegations. So why investigate.

    Hoof Monday, 25 February 2013 03:06 AM

    Probe Result : "Balachandran shot himself to tarnish the excellent image of the GoSL and Armed Forces". Case closed!

    Lankan Man Monday, 25 February 2013 03:14 AM

    India created LTTE against Sri Lanka. We will not surprise by your move. India is renowned for destroying neighbours.

    ronald Wednesday, 27 February 2013 06:12 AM

    Wat about the 1000s who were recruited by Prabakaran and sent off to the front lines? If true, perhaps this is poetic justice for all his crimes against children. Retribution is real....perhaps?

    lionheart Tuesday, 26 February 2013 03:05 AM

    We Sri Lankans also dont want to hear any opinions or accusations from the Diaspora who are partners of murderer's.

    Yuri Monday, 25 February 2013 03:42 AM

    Do not waste your time, There are people getting ready for Action!

    Ranil Monday, 25 February 2013 03:52 AM

    Kp and karuna can confirm on this matter

    AMT Monday, 25 February 2013 04:44 PM

    He makes statements for MARA?

    AMT Monday, 25 February 2013 04:46 PM

    God's actions are slow but sure?

    saman Monday, 25 February 2013 04:00 AM

    Once the war hungry diaspora hires someone with decent Adobe Photoshop skills, you caneasilty create any photographic evedence they would have liked to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka. Channel 4 on the other hand, willingly air the story for the whold world to see. Bullet wounds can be easily "dropped in". Unfortunately the minister has a point!

    S.Sriranjan Monday, 25 February 2013 04:46 PM

    Who ever killed,had gone against his own religion for killing a child after feeding???

    Ranjith Monday, 25 February 2013 04:17 AM

    The minister should check with Karuna. He may be having a clue.

    ashok Monday, 25 February 2013 04:25 AM

    So Where Is Balachandran???

    ravivararo Monday, 25 February 2013 09:47 AM

    if it is proved as you desired, what you will do for that killing as a Buddhist and human.

    Up Monday, 25 February 2013 04:31 AM

    God Knows.

    Gafa Monday, 25 February 2013 10:08 AM

    Deva also tell that lady sport people she is banning for taking part in south India, but that idiot dose not know that one of Sri Lankan umpire is officiating the ongoing cricket match Vs Australia Hoooooooooooo

    rajaraja Monday, 25 February 2013 05:40 PM

    do the investigation, that's what channel 4 wants

    rajaraja Monday, 25 February 2013 05:41 PM


    Ranjit Monday, 25 February 2013 04:47 AM

    Whoever who murdered this child should be condemned, if it is a cold blooded murder. Generally Channel 4 cannot be trusted on such matters.

    GLADSOME Monday, 25 February 2013 04:52 AM

    Prabakaran Elder son Anthony , Younger son Balachandran.
    My question is Prabakaran -HINDU or CHRISTIAN ?

    lal Monday, 25 February 2013 04:49 AM

    The photo taken in the bunker in very tidy place with green sand bags stacked neatly does not look like a war zone. The boy looks very calm, in clean pair of shorts and hardly be the case for someone who has been hiding in a lagoon for weeks. Why wasn't he with the rest of the family? Does the army use these sand bags or the LTTE? Nothing but a lie.

    Nana Monday, 25 February 2013 06:05 PM

    Should not the accepted legal procedure be 1) An independent body to establish the authenticity of the photos, next 2) A probe by an independent body to know whether such an incident truly occurred followed by 3) An investigation by an independent body to find who did it and finally 4) To bring the responsible culprits to be tried by an independent body.

    pase Monday, 25 February 2013 05:00 AM

    He didn't say anything while he was in sri lanka and
    he would say the same thing but he was in Katchatheevu
    the no man land

    ampattan Monday, 25 February 2013 06:11 PM

    Douglas, we dont want to hear an opinion from a murderer.

    sinha Tuesday, 26 February 2013 03:15 PM

    Say those pictures are not rea!

    peter Monday, 25 February 2013 05:09 AM

    this is exactly right India wants us to under the its strong arm and do not too closer to china or to Pakistan this is Cristal clear the way officials like j.n.dixhit. ,and recently retired defense secretary (name forgotten, said we sell only arms not ammunition) and the way they behaved .LTTE is there make and that is why they reluctant to hang murderers of Rajive, so they sacrifice Ra jive to LTTE and not done justice to him. power hungry Gandi womon too not bothered.During mid sea drama of sea-jacking trawler SRI WINHNU they put the blame straight on SL navy until its come under Maldivian security.and spill the beans. COUNTRIES AROUND INDIA BE CAREFUL INDIAN FOREIGN POLICY IS TREACHEROUS TO US ALL. KNOW IT AND WORK WITH THEM.

    mail_guy Monday, 25 February 2013 05:10 AM

    Typical Stri Lankan mind. No big deal buddy. UNHCR will decide the verdict.

    Dasun Monday, 25 February 2013 06:36 PM

    Sri ranjan - this is sri lanka mate no saints here

    tjeyar Monday, 25 February 2013 12:00 AM

    Mr.Douglas I think India s near from there so u can go there where murder case s waiting 4u. via DM Android App

    Jegan Monday, 25 February 2013 05:11 AM

    If the photographs are authentic, what are you planning to do Mr.Minister... to punish the offenders???.

    David Monday, 25 February 2013 06:43 PM

    I was thinking the same. Also those feet was removed from the documentary footage.

    Tharma Monday, 25 February 2013 10:50 AM

    Prabakaran is Tamil he dont know the division amoung religions amoung Tamils.

    godofwar Monday, 25 February 2013 05:21 AM

    Shooting a kid is the biggest crime anyone could commit. If there is a God above, the culprits will pay with their own life.

    Kokula Monday, 25 February 2013 05:21 AM

    Fist we need investigate for you, how to come the minister?

    PRASANNAJIT Monday, 25 February 2013 05:25 AM

    How can he send letters to CM of Tamilnadu.? He is a wanted manin TN as summons issued by courts for his arrest.

    premalal Monday, 25 February 2013 05:29 AM

    India helped the LTTE because JR+Premadasa ganged with the USA against India. We are marching towards a precipice thanks to the stupid rulers of Sri Lanka

    Tharma Monday, 25 February 2013 10:57 AM


    Sammy Tuesday, 26 February 2013 04:34 AM

    Prabhakaran had no religion and was not interested in it, I guess.

    DeSelva Monday, 25 February 2013 11:05 AM

    Dear Deva
    so the question now is the identity of child executed by the army .whether he is indeed VP sons or not.
    you agree that the execution itself is not in doubt

    Sana Monday, 25 February 2013 08:05 PM

    Yes! just terrorists and terrorist killers!

    concerned Monday, 25 February 2013 05:45 AM

    Saman, I really sorry for you, this kind of denial (mentality) killed so many young innocent Sinhalese youths during early 70s and late 80s, don't you think that a credible investigation must conducted by Sri Lanka to prevent this happening again in our motherland?

    John Jayapala Monday, 25 February 2013 08:16 PM

    If soldiers do not wear their army uniform including leather boots in the field, disciplinary action can be taken against them. Therefore SL army soldiers in rubber slippers cannot be believed at all.

    Raja Raju Monday, 25 February 2013 05:47 AM

    Mr.Minsiter, you are a wanted person in India for murder.
    Fist clear yourself.
    You must be great for the H.MR for saving you up to now.

    perera Monday, 25 February 2013 11:11 AM

    There is no surprise that why film crazy tamilnadu people believe those channel 4 clips. what ever you show them on the screen will be believed as true.

    delan1 Monday, 25 February 2013 11:18 AM

    Where were you all bleeding hearts when THOUSANDS of Tamil children were sent out to front lines as child soldiers by the LTTE only to be slaughtered?

    appu Monday, 25 February 2013 06:14 AM

    Circus for the Sri Lankan masses by super genius characters of the Sri Lankan Govt.

    mack Monday, 25 February 2013 12:00 AM

    deny everything,reject everything.say we have not committed any sin,see if the world believes you?China and Iran may believe via DM Android App

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