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How Ayurveda cures influenza

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Many Ayurvedic community workshops are being conducted in the province in order to control the non - infectious condition of this disease. All this is done on the advice of the Department of Ayurveda in  the Southern Province and the Provincial Health and Indigenous Medicine Minister Shan Wijayalal Silva


There are many pathogens that can be seen, heard of 
and experienced by us due to 
the weather conditions 
that are prevailing. 

Among them, the communicable disease called ‘influenza’ which is a respiratory disease, has reared its ugly head. No doubt that creating awareness regarding this disease, its infectious conditions and the course of actions that can be taken for its prevention will lead to a sound , healthy and a trouble-free life. 

These are some ideas expressed by the Southern Province Ayurvedic Commissioner C.L. Guruge regarding influenza. “Recently, this disease began to spread rapidly in all divisional secretariats in the Southern Province. The Department of Ayurveda in the Southern Province has created awareness among the people about this disease,” said Guruge. Steps have been taken to minimize the spread of the disease through various methods such as distributing printed leaflets, conducting workshops (Which is an initiative of the Ayurvedic community and clinics). When the first symptoms of the disease appear, advice is given to prevent its spread. 
Steps have been taken to minimize the spread of the disease through divisional secretariat divisions, which are engaged in creating awareness among the pre-school children, teachers, pregnant mothers, adult groups and patients who suffer from special kinds of diseases and are vulnerable to contract this disease. 
Many Ayurvedic community workshops are being conducted in the province in order to control the non-infectious condition of influenza. All this is done on the advice of the Department of Ayurveda in the Southern Province and the Provincial Health and Indigenous Medicine Minister, Shan Wijayalal Silva. 

The Ayurveda Community Health Medical Officer in Balapitya, Physician Ishanka Malki helped create awareness about Influenza and  the Ayurvedic treatments availbale for the disease.

“There are many Ayurvedic medical treatments that had been used in the distant past regarding such communicable disease conditions. ‘Ath beheth’ (temporary medicine) can be used for fever. Influenza that is spreading at present started with a viral infection. It may connect to bacterial infection as well later on. This disease will spread to others through the patient’s saliva particles and mucus, especially when the patient is coughing, sneezing and speaking loudly. 

It has been mentioned in the ancient sources which are about 3,500 years old that various kinds of ‘Jwara’ (fever) will be contracted when the microbes enter the body through five elements after its development under various conditions. These microbes alias invisible viruses will begin to develop due to various climatic and environmental factors. Therefore, influenza can be introduced as one such communicable disease which has emerged in that manner.” 

Get rid of unnecessary fear. By acting intelligently and with an understanding of this disease, it is not difficult to cure the patient, says Dr. Malki. When the disease develops in the human body, it weakens the patient. This is due to all body processes including ‘Agni’ (food digestive system) and the conditions such as ‘watha’ ( air) being affected due to the changing environmental conditions. 

Resistance to Influenza should be developed in the human body in order to minimize the spreading of the disease. In this regard, both the physical and mental energies need to be developed. If you are a patient suffering from influenza, prevent yourself from staying in the places where people often gather. 

Symptoms during the first stage of the disease: 

Pain in the throat 
Mucus coming out of the nose etc., 

Symptoms when the disease becomes acute: 

Difficulty in breathing and inhaling faster. 
Heaviness and ache in the chest. 
Continuous vomiting 
Pain in the body 


If these symptoms appear then the patient should go to a hospital immediately. The occurrences of these conditions are unavoidable due to the microbes including viruses. 

Ayurveda Medicine has mainly taken steps to strengthen the body in order to overcome all these barriers. In order to develop this strength, it is essential to consume non-toxic foods, use local rice- which brings about immunity-eat fresh vegetables and fruits and green leaves as much as possible. 

In addition: 

Drink boiled and warm water. 
Drink boiled coriander several times per day. 
Drink ‘Venivelgeta’ water, ‘Welmee’ and ‘Paspanguwa’( five kinds of herbal medicine) 
Drink coriander and ‘Sirithekku’ after boiling in equal quantities. 

With the use of these Sinhala ‘Ath beheth’ (temporary medicine) the immunity to fight diseases will increase. 

In the same way, a person who is in the early stage of contracting the disease can get the disease condition cured quickly without aggravating the situation. In addition, he or she should take proper medical treatment. 

Inhaling the smoke of ‘pawatta’ leaves along with the leaves of the lime tree, mixed with coriander will help reduce many discomforts. 

Always follow the doctor’s prescription. In order to minimize the spread of this disease it is suitable to use face covers and change them every 4 hours. 

If babies are immune to this disease, it is essential to feed them with mother’s milk. If you are already infected with this disease and gradually recovering, it is better to take light diets. 

The fever will subside if the patient is given types of rice like ‘Heenati’, Maduthuwalu’ and ‘Batapolel’. 

Fruit juices and meats can be given gradually. 

Also keep the following instructions in mind-

Daily cleanliness is essential 
Adhere to good healthy habits.
Avoid going to faraway places. 
Minimise sleeplessness. 
Get physical and mental rest 



By following these instructions, the aggravation of the disease can be reduced, which will be followed  by cure. 

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