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They are embroiled in infighting!

14 May 2021 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

There is  infighting within the Blue party over the question of whether they should continue to be a partner of the government or not. Given the sharp split in the party their inside talks easily leak out. 

The architect of Pohottuwa who brought up this matter at the meeting of the party leaders of the ruling alliance the other day had blasted the    Blue party heavyweight from Wayamba for being the author of the internecine differences.

Meanwhile, the Wayamba heavyweight has accused a Blue party stalwart from the South of  being the ‘informant’ carrying tales to both government leadership and outsiders. The Southern politico is said to be highly critical of those in a hurry to quit the government. The roly-poly senior  from Uwa is backing his stand. However, the party chief has taken a neutral stand.

Meanwhile, another party bigwig is said to be keeping mum while maintaining a secret rapport with both sides.