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Heavy rains cause spillover of reservoirs

21 Nov 2023 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      


  • Excess water in Rajangana reservoir was being released at  7,200 square feet per second

By Dayaratne Embogama, Ranjith Rajapakse, 
Pushpakumara Mallawarachchi   

Incessant heavy rain experienced in the north-central  province area resulted in the opening of eight spill gates in Rajangana  reservoir and two in Angamuwa tank last morning.   

  Anuradhapura Zonal Director of Irrigation Engineer Jayantha  De Silva said excess water in Rajangana reservoir was being released at  7,200 square feet per second and in Angamuwa tanks at 650 square feet per  second.   
He said all tanks and reservoirs in the Anuradhapura District had reached spillover level.   
Water level in Castlereagh Reservoir stood below six inches  by last morning due to the heavy rain experienced in the catchments of  Keselgamu Oya which feeds the reservoir. Engineers in Charge of the  reservoirs said Wimalasurendra reservoir was already spilling over.   

Meanwhile, the overflow of Keselgamu Oya resulted in a flood  threat in Bogawantalawa area. Bogawantalawa St. Mary’s College and  several houses in Kotiyagala estate had gone underwater. 

A man who fell into the river had been saved and admitted to hospital by the residents of the area   
Low-lying areas of the Maoya river had gone underwater  bringing traffic on Kurunegala – Colombo main highway, Negombo-  Mirigama road and Kotadeniyawa –Pannala road to a standstill from last  morning.   

Friendship Bridge at Kotadeniyawa – Pannala road was about  eight feet under water. Several houses in Nalla area had been submerged.