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A certain ministry bigwig known to be a political appointee is deliberately changing his signature when signing official documents, they say. 


This unusual practice of varying the signature resorted to by the boss have become both a puzzle and a big question mark to the subordinate white-collar ones, but they do not openly talk about it let alone inquire about it for fear of possible dire consequences. 

Very often this white collar bigwig would put aside important files put up for his signature saying that he would look into them later. 

There are about 30 key departments coming under the purview of this Ministry and action in respect of certain projects and programmes is getting held up as the files put up for instructions or approval change hands among Ministry high-ups without being duly attended to.

Meanwhile, some Ministry employees suspect that their boss has made it a practice to avoid signing certain documents and also write his signature differently, as a precaution against possible inquiries against him under a different administration in future. 

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