A home-grown solution to energy and waste management


  • He had been self-learning about waste management while working abroad as part of his personal interest as an environmentalist
  • Having acquired knowledge of waste management and biogas generation, he designed his biogas generation plant. 

A resident of Miriswatta, Balangoda claims that he could develop a method to convert bio-degradable organic waste into flammable gas and nutrition-rich fertilizer. 

Mohamed Firdhous Rasheed

Mohamed Firdhous Rasheed who was employed abroad most of his life has been generating biogas and liquid fertilizer out of kitchen waste after returning home. He had been self-learning about waste management while working abroad as part of his interest as an environmentalist. He wishes for a clean dwelling place for everybody. 

He had volunteered to clean streets and public places abroad and was concerned about waste and environmental pollution. As a result he had to pay attention to waste management practices and modern waste management techniques. Having acquired knowledge of waste management and biogas generation, he designed his biogas generation plant. Since he did not have the facilities and support to install a waste recycling plant at the place where he worked, he installed it at his residence after returning from abroad. 

However, his new design did not work immediately as he wished. So he had to continue his trial and error method from December 2022 to February 2024 until his waste recycling plant yielded results. He has named his experimental waste management project “The Project-0”.     

Next generation technology

Project-0 can be called the next generation technology. Possibly if man keeps his foot on  Mars, Project-0 can come in handy there too. The technique of Project-0 helps overcome the obstacles in biogas generation, and makes it an efficient practice. Since he has applied for the Patent Right for his techniques, details of the new technique are not revealed here. 

Project-0 is applicable in a micro-scale to process home waste, in a medium-scale to process organizational or farming waste and in a macro-scale to process collected urban waste. Rasheed is confident that Project-0 can process medical waste too in a natural manner rather than applying chemicals or using costly technology to eliminate hazards of the medical waste. In addition he has a vision to find a solution to other industrial waste such as polythene. 

Rasheed needs public support as well as help from the government to develop the project which will benefit the economy and protect the environment. Project-0 can bring an immediate solution to the waste problem in the country at a minimum cost. On the other hand, the liquid fertilizer can nourish the vegetation, the estate plantation and home guarding making the environment clean. At the same time, by exporting the Project-0 technique and employing youth in the project, it can bring the required foreign currency into the country. Rasheed hopes that his hard work will be recognized both locally and globally. 

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