Monkeys exported to China to be eaten raw while they are alive: Environmentalists

Environmentalist Nayanaka Ranwella said today that according to investigations conducted by them, the government is planning to send 100,000 monkeys to China for their brains to be eaten raw while they are still alive.

The issue of exporting monkeys to China had become the main topic in the country. However, according to the Wildlife Protection Act, there are no legal provisions to export a large number of wild animals to other countries.

"According to the Act, our country cannot export animals for money as we have signed an agreement not to engage in the sale of wild animals.

"Exporting wild animals will not help in bringing in foreign exchange. However, it has been reported that the wife of a senior official of the Coconut Development Board has been involved behind the scenes with this program," Ranwell said.

Moreover, he said that a special meal preparation method is underway in China, which involves eating the monkeys' brains in the raw while they are still alive. 

Also, it was reported that an order for a large number of monkeys was received from America as well. These monkeys have a similar body structure to that of the humans, so they would be used in laboratories to conduct final medical tests.

Ranwella requested the government not to export the monkeys, but insted to take a decision to export the parliamentarians who have ruined the country.

"Because of these monkeys a large share of crops are being destroyed. But exporting them is not a solution. We have already proposed solutions to protect the crops, but none in the government are even prepared to listen to them," Ranwella added. (Chaturanga Pradeep Samarawickrama)

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