Lotus Tower witnesses first skydiving event

The Lotus Tower in Colombo witnessed its first skydiving event recently to promote the island's tourism industry internationally.

Two skydivers from the Red Bull Sri Lanka Skydive Team made an exhibition jump off the Lotus Tower as a base jump event.

World-famous Red Bull SkyDiving champions Marco Waltenspiel and Marco Fürst recently visited Sri Lanka to exhibit the event.

While surprising viewers, two skydivers jumped off the tallest tower in South Asia. They jumped off the tower with a smoke flare and cameras attached to their bodies to record their jump.

The team took on a daunting feat by diving 250 meters from the top of the tower.

When they reached the ground by parachutes, a cultural dancing team performed to greet them.

"The height of the Lotus Tower is less than the height normally used in a base jump event. But the jump was a very challenging act; it was not difficult for us to fulfill our ambition," the champions said when speaking to the media.

Lotus Tower Management Pvt. Ltd., said this project will attract the attention of the international media and will help to increase the interest of people all over the world on Sri Lanka. (Chaturanga Pradeep Samarawickrama)



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