Whitening cream endorsed by Piumi Hansamali not registered with NMRA

Colombo, July 04 (Daily Mirror) -  The beauty products, including skin whitening creams endorsed by model Piumi Hansamali are not registered with the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA), Daily Mirror learns.

Reliable sources revealed that despite widespread usage in the market, the popular whitening creams endorsed by Hansamali have not been registered with the NMRA.

Piumi recently claimed that her cream pack is worth Rs 35,000.

Sri Lanka currently lacks a legal framework or specific Act to regulate cosmetic products, hindering NMRA from taking legal actions against unregistered products, sources added.

However, sources revealed that the health authorities are in the process of drafting an act in relation to the cosmetic products.

Speaking to Daily Mirror, NMRA CEO Dr. Saveen Semage said they had received a plethora of complaints in recent times with regard to the issues with skin whitening cream. He confirmed that proactive steps have been initiated based on these concerns.

Dr. Semage emphasized that NMRA encourages voluntary registration of cosmetic products to ensure consumer safety.

Meanwhile, health experts urge public to refrain from using products especially whitening creams which are not registered with the NMRA.

According to a Consultant Dermatologist Dr. Indira Kahawita, a significant increase has been observed in kidney disease cases linked to the use of skin whitening creams, surpassing even cancer incidences.

Several attempts to contact Piumi Hansamali and Lollia Skin Care (Pvt) Ltd, the company reportedly manufacturing the products, were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has launched an investigation regarding beauty products manufacturing company named Lollia Skin Care (Pvt) Ltd, where Hansamali is said to be serving as brand ambassador.

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