Station Masters’ Union Executive Committee gathers to determine next course of action

Colombo, July 10 (Daily Mirror) - Following the Railways Department's announcement yesterday, the Executive Committee of the Sri Lanka Railways Station Masters' Union (SLRSMU) has decided to convene shortly to determine their next course of action.

Addressing the media, SLRSMU chairman Sumedha Somarathna said the Department announced yesterday that Station Masters who do not report for duty today will be considered as having vacated their positions.

As per the announcement, employees who did not report for duty today will not be allowed to return to their positions, Somarathna said.

However, only four office trains arrived at Colombo Fort this morning, while at least eight train services operated on the Beliatta line.

"The responsibility for the inconvenience caused to the commuters lies with the government, as they did not address our requests," said a representative of the Sri Lanka Railways Station Masters' Union.

"We did not ask for salary increases, only for administrative issues to be resolved and for Station Masters to be recruited for vacant posts," he added.

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