Health Ministry under fire for failing to regulate cosmetics

Colombo, July 10 (Daily Mirror) -  In the wake of recent development in regards to the substandard quality of cosmetic products, the health authorities have come under huge criticism for not regulating cosmetic products for years.

This follows a storm of discussion that ensued after beauty products endorsed by model Piumi Hansamali came under scrutiny following her questioning by the CID.

According to sources, a lot of parties have raised grave concerns with the Health Ministry and the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) with regard to the lack of legal framework or specific Act since 2015 to regulate cosmetic products, hindering the NMRA from taking legal action against unregistered products.

This situation has led to a widespread prevalence of substandard cosmetic products in the market, jeopardizing the safety of consumers who use them.

Sources suggest that the Health Ministry has instructed the NMRA to halt work on the act, indicating that the Ministry will handle it instead.

All in all, there has been a significant delay in drafting the cosmetic products act, leading to consumer skepticism.

In response to the allegations, a senior health official told Daily Mirror that the health authorities are in the process of drafting an act in relation to the cosmetic products.

Meanwhile, NMRA CEO Dr. Saveen Semage told Daily Mirror they had received a plethora of complaints in recent times with regard to the issues with skin whitening cream.

The Daily Mirror reported last week that the beauty products, including skin whitening creams endorsed by model Piumi Hansamali are not registered with the NMRA despite its widespread usage in the market.

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