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By Yohan Perera   

The quarantine centre located in the Bogambara Prison with 800 inmates under quarantine has 150 inmates who tested positive should be relocated, it makes the city of Kandy vulnerable to COVID 19, an opposition MP said.   
SJB MP Lakshman Kiriella told a press conference yesterday that the centre is a threat to the city of Kandy as staff who are in charge of the centre visit the town for their meals daily.   

“The five acre block of land where the prison is located was to be converted into a tourism zone by the last government. Even the prisoners who were at Bogambara prison were transferred to other prisons during that time. However the present government halted the project and converted the prison into a quarantine centre. The quarantine centre makes Kandy vulnerable,” Mr Kiriella said. 

We requested the Sri Lanka government to close the Airport in January but our request was turned down. Sri Lanka’s situation would have been same as Taiwan if action had been taken on time to prevent the spread of the disease,” he said.   

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