Samagai Jana Balaweguaya MP Patali Chamika Ranawaka yesterday said the Aryuvedic syrup which is claimed to be a cure for COVID- 19 should not become a drama which will mislead the people.

MP Ranawaka told a press conference that the syrup should be approved as a cure for CIOVID- 19 only after a proper testing by a recognised Aryuvedic medical body. “There is a recognised body responsible for regulating Aryuvedic treatment in Sri Lanka. Such a body should carry out testing of the syrup and then approve the distribution instead of creating a drama,” the MP said. “We have also information that airports are going to be opened and promote medical tourism to attract foreigners.

Things such as these should not be done in a haphazard manner,” he said. “Sri Lanka had already faced a drama, a few decades ago where it was promoted that people could improve their physical looks by consuming the medicinal drink ‘Wadakasudiya’ during the 1956 solar eclipse. Many consumed this drink and ended up in hospital. The last thing which Sri Lanka wants now is such a drama,” he said. He also said there was no necessity to promote cures for COVID- 19 as only 0.5 percent fatalities had been reported in Sri Lanka as a result of the disease, according to the available data.

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