Laojee affirms position as No.1 selling brand of tea in Sri Lanka     Follow

In an industry crowded with many brands, Laojee has been able to maintain a winning streak in Sri Lanka’s branded 
tea segment. 
A brand trusted by Sri Lankans for over 45 years, Laojee tea has been clearly identified as the preferred choice by Sri Lankans throughout the years, scoring high on all aspects of tea.
Clearly identified as the largest tea brand in Sri Lanka by AC Nielsen, Laojee has seen its market share increase by 5 percent, gaining entry into more households in Sri Lanka as the perfect cup of ‘Kahata’. 
Laojee is planning to initiate more activities that would reinforce its strong presence as the brand that brings people together over a cup of tea. 
Laojee haslived up tothe brand promise of brewing togetherness by enabling Sri Lankans to bond over acup of tea with perfect strength, colour, aroma and taste. Laojee is also certified by the Sri Lanka Tea Board and the Sri Lanka Standards Institution that affirms quality. 
Laojee recorded a double digit growth in 2016 which also saw the brand emerge as the winner of the SLIM Nielsen People’s Choice Awards under the Hot Beverage Brand category. As a brand that has retained its popularity among customers at a mass market level, Laojee has continued to grow even under tough economic conditions, reinforcing its status as a trusted brand among consumers in the mass market. 
“Laojee’s excellent combination of strength, colour, aroma and taste, is perfectly offset by its affordable pricing and greater availability. In maintaining its growth, Laojee has also expanded the reach through a large network of outlets and has succeeded in sustaining a strong gain in household penetration. 
“It also scores high on maintaining a strong brand presence, especially at a time such as the festive season during which as a mass tea brand with a sturdy appeal, Laojee has flourished in capturing a large portion of the market. This has resulted in Laojee’s success in contrast to other branded tea available, adds Aadhil Asver – Brand Manager Laojee.
“Especially during times such as the Avurudu, Laojee maintained a high visibility and a strong presence in the market; the perfect cup of tea is not just about known attributes but also about how the brand makes you feel as a part of the family and the community at large, with characters such as Rosa associated with the brand, affirming the brand’s popularity among the consumers,” says Mihira Kulatunga – Category Head beverages in conclusion.

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