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No regrets: Rosy

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Former State Minister and UNP Colombo district candidate Rosy Senanayake, who failed in her bid for re-election, told Daily Mirror that having to confine her campaign within the Colombo West electorate was one of the reasons to have obtained only 65,320 preferential votes.

She said her fellow candidates were not too happy when she visited other electorates in the Colombo district to carry out her election campaign and as such found it difficult to widen the scope of her campaign.

“A UNP victory and to install a UNP-led government was my priority and I expended all my efforts to make it happen and I am overjoyed that it did happen. This is another reason why I was unable to fully focus on my campaign while most of my colleagues were focusing on their personal campaign and ensure their victory above all else. However, my party won and I am really happy about that. I respect the people’s verdict. After all this is what politics means,” Ms. Senanayake said.

She said the UNP’s election victory was as good as if she herself had won and therefore had no regrets. (Piyumi Fonseka)
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  • wasanta Wednesday, 19 August 2015 07:05 PM

    i am realy worried when read the list of the members select which not apper your name.

    Riz Wednesday, 19 August 2015 04:50 PM

    very sad. politician like u must be in the parlierment permanently , v hope u will get a chance in de national list.

    Sathya Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:23 PM

    No madam no You deserve You worked. You should be given a NL post

    Venura Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:23 PM

    It is sad see the mentality of most of the Sri Lankan voters. Useless people like Wimal , Jonstan , Geetha, etc. are getting elected while those who could serve the nation like Rosy are left behind....

    Fathima naushara Mohamed Wednesday, 19 August 2015 07:09 PM

    You did a tremendous job.we are very sad.but as you said this is politics. Best of luck for what ever the future you choose. God bless.

    Kamal Wijayasinghe Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:23 PM

    Dear Madame, You surely need to be in the Parliament so that you can contribute to the betterment of the country with your abilities and knowledge in Global affairs. Do hope so that you will get the opportunity to serve either thru National list or as an appointed head of an organisation. We were lucky to be in Malaysia during your tenure as the Ambassador and surely have seen what you can do. Do not get disheartened. All the best as you still have along future. Thank you for the services already rendered.

    Ram Wednesday, 19 August 2015 07:13 PM

    people even not elected Field marshal who rescued the country. this is very annoying.

    g vimaleswaran Wednesday, 19 August 2015 07:13 PM

    I am shocked and dismayed a decent dedicated deserving debonair politician Rosy Senanayake denied entry to Parliament what a sad day for politics in Sri lanka

    de silva Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:26 PM

    It is very sad that the Coolmbo people did not realize that the worth of a true politician.I hope RW will give you a better post to serve the party and the country.God bless you.

    Patriot (TM) Wednesday, 19 August 2015 07:15 PM

    UNP should not give nominations to Hirudika and Chamika, in the end Rosy out, though I am not a fan of her.

    Nihal Amarasekera Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:26 PM

    No Way is another way!

    Subramaniam Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:27 PM

    We hope that you will receive the national list to enter the parliment and you are deserve for it.

    Roshan Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:27 PM

    This is totally unfair. She is one labour best politicians, efficient and capable. Shows the class of people our people like to vote. Many assumed she will vote and voted for others, even those NOT UNP. Appoint her to national list , pls.

    azad Saturday, 22 August 2015 08:25 PM

    Please continue the good work. Hope to see you in parliament next time.

    Anil Thursday, 20 August 2015 11:37 AM

    Hope you have now obtained enough preferential votes to be in next parlimant!

    Nic Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:29 PM

    It is very rare to find a politician of your calibre and class these days. It is sad that the representation of women in parliament would suffer with your loss. Trust the leadership of your party could make an exception on the very grounds they were crowing during the election campaign about greater women representatives, could step up to the plate now and accommodate you Madam. God Bless you and your family.

    Avanthi Thursday, 20 August 2015 09:25 AM

    Yes, there are no rigid rules in accommodating somebody like Rosy, so UNP can listen to voice of people all over social media

    Eng.M.V.R.Perera Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:35 PM

    we in the out skirts of Colombo voted for you its a pity that you were not elected but your party should send you through the national list as it was their fault for allowing new comers to contest from Colombo they should have been sent to districts like Gampha a strong hold of the SLFP where they could have got more votes for the party

    OMG Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:35 PM

    Public strongly request and wish the UNP leader will consider taking you via the national list. Good luck. Over to Mr. RW

    Malcolm Nicholas Thursday, 20 August 2015 05:55 PM


    Perera Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:39 PM

    It is sad that the Sri Lankans are yet to study the personality of politicians.You were a asset to the country representing our mother land to the world. Unfortunately some of the bad lots have got into parliament once again to disrupt the good governance. We believe that you will have the opportunity to get into parliament through a amendment from the national list to serve our motherland.

    sasa Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:40 PM

    Truly a lady and not only your compassion towards women and children of Sri Lanka will be missed but your grace and elegance in the House as well. MS and RW should make sure that she sits one way or another.

    Dinesh Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:43 PM

    If I am correct she was one of the most active MPs in last Parliament raising various questions of national interest. Unfortunately what voters value is not the ones who represent their concerns at Parliament. This raises question do we really need a Parliament for this country??

    W. N. Fernando Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:43 PM

    I wish you all the best Rosy. You are honest and worked tirelessly to benefit the country and its people. You did not lose. But the country and its people lose. If you do not receive a place in the national list, we will lose further.

    weera Sunday, 23 August 2015 12:48 PM

    Cabinet would look empty without Rosy Senanayake,s presence. She would be ideal for the Minister of Foreign Affairs position.

    Aleem Farook Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:47 PM

    Failures are the pillars of success.

    kukula. Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:48 PM

    You still do have a great future with the UNP, I am positive you will be in parliament from the national list.We pray, and god bless you.

    Fernando Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:49 PM

    Rosy you deserved a seat. I hope you will go to Parliament through National a list. I agree with all the nice compliments you have got here.

    Lion Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:49 PM

    As True Lankans we worry but Ms. Rosy should be in Parliament some how in National list to raise voice for ladies and children of Sri Lanka. Hope RW will consider in this.

    rain Wednesday, 19 August 2015 05:41 PM

    U definitely should come from national list. v need people like u to represent parliament. We pray until its being done......

    Ruwani Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:20 PM

    we all..are hope .Unp national list make you door for parliment.As women you must be in..please make sure and try.

    Dee Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:23 PM

    We are with you. Your neighboring district people chose a chain snatcher over a true gentleman. That is politics. Hopefully the IQ levels of Lankans would also increase in line with literacy rate and we can hope for abetter country.

    aja Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:24 PM

    Very sad u should have won best wishes u did a good job .

    Raj Wednesday, 19 August 2015 05:48 PM

    The election system is good but there still a significant % people are idiots who cannot choose good candidates to parliment!

    Abdul Wednesday, 19 August 2015 05:48 PM

    Mr PM, She is an asset to the country and it is very rare to find a politician of her calibre. We can not afford to lose her services, please give her an opportunity to serve the country, specially to the ladies and children of SL.

    merrildesilva Wednesday, 19 August 2015 05:51 PM

    Very sad. She deserves to be in the parliament. She always showed maturity.

    A Ranjith Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:31 PM

    We appreciate your contribution while you were a MP in the last parliament. It is not a defeat but only a temporary set-back. Please continue your contribution towards your country thro UNP. The country needs people of your caliber. God Bless You

    Giabao Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:33 PM

    She is a good politician and it is quite evident that she worked for the party and not for personal gain.

    david joseph Friday, 21 August 2015 12:30 PM

    rosy madam you lost the contest simpely because you are so nice and beautiful where the colombo ladies did not vote for you through jealasy

    Nalin Rajapakshe Wednesday, 19 August 2015 05:55 PM

    Dear Mr president and prime minister, we need Rosy from the list to the parliament. Please consider. She is the only wiser lady deserve to be in parliament and we saw as good in current politics in srilanka.please.

    CitizenPerera Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:39 PM

    One of the tragic flaws in democracy is when voters fail to elect those who deserve to be elected than electing hoodlum thieves into parliament. Classy leaders like Rosy deserve position in our foreign service.

    gamarala Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:42 PM

    If the UNP did not have all these people like Patali and the like who will only ride the UNP vote wave and move on to establish their own selfish motives, the hard core UNPers like her would have got elected

    Mason Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:44 PM

    Did you contribute in proceedings and as a lady added glamour as well as colour to the House. Best of future and hope to be hearing about your activities.

    Farook Hamid Thursday, 20 August 2015 08:02 AM

    Dee says chain snatchers and rogues are selected by people to parliament leaving out the honest and educated. Raj says good % of voters are idiots. Both of them are correct. What I observe is around 40% of Sri Lankans are very good at gulping GUNDUS and worship them. This how the SLFP was holding them tight in their grips. The best GUNDU MR was able to feed was winning the war and claiming himself a hero on the steps of Dutumgemunu. So these % of idiots worshipped him and still worshipping him. So these people have to broaden their minds and think of the country and how to take it forward.

    garawi Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:45 PM

    This is why this elections system is flawed. Rich and famous get in even if useless in the parliament.Those who are useful and poor will have no chance of getting in!

    Dushynatha Friday, 21 August 2015 06:10 PM

    She worked very hard for the party, and was very happy that the party won.The country need people like her.Mahit

    Janaka Munasinghe Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:45 PM

    People like you are needed by the party whether you are in or out of the parliament. You were patient and worked tirelessly when others were deserting the party. It is rather sad that when UNP won at last the people deserted you. I am sure you will be patient and have the courage to carry on the good work that you have been doing all this time. All the very best.

    jegan Wednesday, 19 August 2015 04:17 PM

    Sad. You must in Parliament. Hope PM will consider for NL

    Tarrin Constantine Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:45 PM

    Very good politician who stood up to uneducated thugs in the parliament - She should come back

    Thilan Wednesday, 19 August 2015 04:18 PM

    You should be in parliament.Hoping through national list.

    Wazeer Wednesday, 19 August 2015 06:03 PM

    Dear Madam voters are with you try to enter through national list we need there

    Dr.Raghavan Pathmanathan Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:46 PM

    One of the decent politician of our times. She is beyond the caste, community, religion and ethnic issues.I am sure that UNP will utilize her services.

    anton Wednesday, 19 August 2015 04:20 PM

    your values debates and arguments are excelent for me you deserve everthing

    raj Wednesday, 19 August 2015 06:04 PM

    you are one of the good politicians in Sri Lanka. It is hard to understand what is wrong with those voters in your electors. Still, you can contribute to the citizens in many other ways. Wish you good luck

    david joseph Friday, 21 August 2015 12:43 PM

    rosy madam you lost the contest simpely because you are so nice and beautiful where the colombo ladies did not vote for you

    Rohini Abeygunawardane Wednesday, 19 August 2015 06:07 PM

    Rosy you must be in the parliament.Hope you will be there through the national list.good luck!

    Dulip Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:51 PM

    A person like you, MUST represent in the parliment. If there is any possibility, hope to see you in the parliment through the National List.Good Luck!!

    Philip Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:53 PM

    It is indeed a pity that Rosy could not make it to parliament. She was a example to some of the Minister in parliament who did not know the conduct themselves with respect.

    johan Wednesday, 19 August 2015 04:23 PM

    She is also like Ranil no power hungry.If It comes on their way they will take it.

    Roshan Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:53 PM

    You deserve to have won. You were a courage for women. Anyway our objective was to restore democracy and that had worked, we nee you get a national list ti continue servicing the people.

    Erandi Wednesday, 19 August 2015 06:13 PM

    Madum,You should be in the parliament to raise your voice to protect women

    Tyrone Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:55 PM

    Yes, Rosy Senanayake should be in parliament as she represents many elements of Sri Lankan society, in addition to her role as a womens activist.

    LF Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:55 PM

    Being a woman and a clean politician, she deserves to be in the Parliament. Hopefully, she would be accommodated while picking National List Members.

    sthya Thursday, 20 August 2015 04:12 PM

    very vise voters from Colombo. via DM Android App

    clueless Wednesday, 19 August 2015 04:27 PM

    Agreed. Though national list should not be for defeated politicians Rosy is an exception.

    shafeek Wednesday, 19 August 2015 02:59 PM

    Very dissapointed as Rosy worked hard throughout. We want u back and trust the party will get u through the national listShafeek

    Asoka Wednesday, 19 August 2015 06:22 PM

    My analysis is that everybody thought she was an automatic choice, some did not use their vote on her because of that Her capabilities, Personality EQ, IQ and she cuts above most when presenting her case at a debate. She has to be in Parliament or in one of the Top Foreign Missions as she could do the utmost for the country she loves

    maka Wednesday, 19 August 2015 06:23 PM

    Pack your bags and go to Gall. Next time you can even beat Geetha.

    Heartbroken Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:04 PM

    Spot on....!

    Abdur Razzak Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:05 PM

    It is unfortunate we missed out on a gem to represent us in the parliament. Good luck and wish the leaders will consider taking you via the national list.

    upul Wednesday, 19 August 2015 04:34 PM

    Dear PM.She did a great job for UNP

    Fassey Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:05 PM

    Rosy losing a seat in parliament is very sad. Any way we wish you all the best and hope you will be awarded a suitable position to carry on your dedicated services towards women and children.

    Die-hard Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:08 PM

    PM should take note of these comments. There are millions of wrong things happened and will happen with regard to elections and appointments. Therefore, bringing her back through the national list is perfectly alright. She won her seat too. Please bring this up to the PM.

    Blessing Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:10 PM

    I really feel sad. She should be in the parliament. Hope UNP would accommodate her through National List.

    Palitha Galapitiya - Japan Wednesday, 19 August 2015 06:32 PM

    Wonderful Lady.......!!!Should be given a Responsible Place to work for the betterment of our citizen and the country accordingly .Wish You All the Very Best in Your Future Endeavours..

    M..M.Z.M Haseen Wednesday, 19 August 2015 06:38 PM

    So sad u lost ,its only a temporary set back, parliament will be minus a glamorous lady ,an outspoken woman ,a strong mother .

    Anton Wednesday, 19 August 2015 06:42 PM

    She may the only woman who became to power on her own talent without any family support.....please please..get her on board...

    nazim Wednesday, 19 August 2015 04:45 PM

    Madam, We were indeed looking forward to your re-emergence, but a slight change in time has made you rest from the Parliament. It is not unfortunate because this lapse will make you keep a leep rater than a stride. This opportunity will certainly engage you in a different angle to carry on the very valuable services you rendered to the country, specially to the womenkind. You have no regrets I am sure... we dont regret either because you will be there in the lime light always. Goodluck.

    RadRav Wednesday, 19 August 2015 03:19 PM

    Even if not elected she would be an able and efficient head of Mission at an important embassy. Foreign ministry; please consider.

    Colombianiaa Wednesday, 19 August 2015 07:02 PM

    Hehe..time to get rid of the pref voting system!.

    Marvin Saturday, 22 August 2015 07:37 PM

    What a beautiful statement. This is the calibre of politician the country really needs. Wish her all the best for the future.

    CS Wednesday, 19 August 2015 04:47 PM

    Colombo voters have denied a worthy person of the chance to continue the good work she started. It is a loss to the country if she is not given the opportunity to do more....

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