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Litro Gas pays Rs.95,000 monthly to Dambara Amila Thera


1 December 2018 06:29 pm - 39     - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}


The Litro Gas Lanka has paid a monthly allowance of Rs.95,000 to Ven. Dambara Amila Thera since 2015, it was revealed at the Special High Court (SC) established to hear cases of large-scale corruption.  

The Company’s Financial Controller Muditha Thamanagama has revealed this during the hearing of the case in which former President’s Chief of Staff Gamini Senarath was accused of allegedly misappropriating Rs. 500 million belonging to Litro Gas Lanka.

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  • palle Saturday, 01 December 2018 06:44 PM

    Thank you DM for exposing this robbery.

    Dam Sunday, 02 December 2018 08:39 AM

    Read updates regarding this news. Part of political witch hunt

    ORGANIC GAS Saturday, 01 December 2018 06:45 PM

    Understandable - Why not - he would have supplied organic gas to Litro.

    kevin John Saturday, 01 December 2018 06:57 PM

    Sri Lanka full of corrupts , idiots , thugs and racist

    Ryan Saturday, 01 December 2018 07:26 PM

    The constitution provisions the Supreme status to Buddhism so such payments can be justified based on advisory services for the progress organizations like litro gas

    Ryan Saturday, 01 December 2018 10:00 PM

    Just cracked a joke good that nobody approved

    Lal Saturday, 01 December 2018 10:20 PM

    What advice does a MONK give to an Gas company

    dave Monday, 03 December 2018 08:15 AM

    this is called political slavery. Can not accept the truth.

    Ronnie Bugger Monday, 03 December 2018 09:10 AM

    Only passing gas, the stinking variety, that is.

    vithura Saturday, 01 December 2018 07:29 PM

    A country where any crime is permissible, if it is done by those claiming to follow the teachings of Lord Buddha!

    das Saturday, 01 December 2018 07:34 PM

    Is it illegal to accept money from a company? If the company is not a crooked outfit, what is the fuss?

    Fayz Saturday, 01 December 2018 11:01 PM

    Exactly monk has legally signed the payment vouchers and taken money. So what's the deal about it?

    dave Monday, 03 December 2018 08:19 AM

    what a justification. Just speak to your self is that the same answer you would get if this has been done by other party

    Will Saturday, 01 December 2018 07:35 PM

    Initially I thought,this person deserves respect,but his language so harsh that not fit to even layman and he is so vigorously organizing and participating in anti government rallies,now cat is out of bag ,he was paid by RK, 1lakh per month,it's sin,unethical,unreserved,he should leave Sasana immediately.

    City Saturday, 01 December 2018 09:50 PM

    Then how about ven.alle gunawansa(dollars),ven uduwe dammaloka.......

    Unchikun Saturday, 01 December 2018 07:36 PM

    Who is responsible and he should be punished.

    Ryan Saturday, 01 December 2018 09:59 PM

    As an ardent supporter of thero and democracy how do you feel now

    Chryshan K Saturday, 01 December 2018 07:37 PM

    Giving this amount to a thero is peanuts compared spending 2.9 billion of tax payers money as election bribes.

    BuffaloaCitizen Saturday, 01 December 2018 07:42 PM

    The biggest threat to Buddhism and her discipline and preaching's are the Sinhalese. Sangamittra Thera did the biggest mistake when he converted Sinhalese to Buddhism.

    sach Saturday, 01 December 2018 10:03 PM

    Why is DM allowing xenophobic comments like this? Between Amila is NOT a Sinhala monk he is a UNP-JVP monk

    Suren Sunday, 02 December 2018 08:08 AM

    Kind of thing RW would say

    Sil Saturday, 01 December 2018 07:46 PM

    If this is true ,this monk should disrobe,he is not fit to be respected as a priest

    Dambara boy Saturday, 01 December 2018 08:18 PM

    Kohomoda yahaplanya in action no wonder can't leave temple trees

    SPA rtan life style ? Saturday, 01 December 2018 08:22 PM

    Lavish life for a monk. Wonder where he "plows" the money into

    Gayan Saturday, 01 December 2018 08:24 PM

    Aiyo democracy heros.

    await response Saturday, 01 December 2018 08:25 PM

    Wait and see - He will come out with a concocted explanation

    sam Saturday, 01 December 2018 08:31 PM

    Ven. Dollar thero

    Priya Saturday, 01 December 2018 08:32 PM

    This is called 'Asking and Eating' (Illan kanawa). He was so vocal during the UNP rally but now has lost his gas I guess ! Another disgrace for the Buddhist community !!!

    Nalin Saturday, 01 December 2018 09:11 PM

    Can anyone tell me the difference between MARA regime and RW yahapalanaya?

    Missaka Saturday, 01 December 2018 10:31 PM

    Difference is Nepotism became Favouritism (or preferential treatment).

    Hari Mani Saturday, 01 December 2018 09:13 PM

    Mixing Politics with religion a lethal cocktail. Well if the president, prime minister and the parliament can steal and protect the criminals why not the rest of the industry and country? Thanks to MR and his siblings, stealing and thuggery can be done with impunity and in fashion. The icing on top of it all, are the people who support the gang after all the destruction to the country..

    FormerSocialist Saturday, 01 December 2018 09:25 PM

    Over again and again it proves that the socialist left wing liberals are the most corrupted of all.

    Moiez Saturday, 01 December 2018 10:02 PM

    Maybe his food allowance. So nothing wrong or maybe to the theros temple the allowance .

    sach Saturday, 01 December 2018 10:04 PM

    This is why he was barking for UNP. Most of the SJWs who were backing UNP are like this

    Descartes Saturday, 01 December 2018 10:57 PM

    When it all began he was probably the 1000 dollar monk. Today, while looking at the rupee, the 500 dollar monk.

    Moiez Saturday, 01 December 2018 11:05 PM

    Maybe his food allowance.

    Raj Sunday, 02 December 2018 08:23 AM

    MR paid millions to LTTE leader

    SL Sunday, 02 December 2018 09:01 AM

    What about payment for other yamapalana supprters as Sarath Wijhesuriya, Samanalee, Rathnapriya?

    SL Sunday, 02 December 2018 10:11 AM

    More you talk against the country ,more you earn!

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