Bio Foods recognized at Presidential Export Awards as Best Exporter in the Organic sector

(From L-R) Thomas Jorberg - Director, GLS Bank, Dr. Sarath Ranaweera - Chairman, Bio Foods, Sanjaya Yaddehige - CEO, Bio Foods


Bio Foods (Private) Limited is a premier Sri Lankan organic food supplier established in 1993. Today, the company enjoys a global reputation as one of the world’s leaders in biodynamic, organic and fair-trade agriculture. Bio Foods has been recognized and awarded for its sustainable business model by various esteemed bodies, both locally and globally.

Most recently, Bio Foods received the Presidential Export Award for the Best Exporter in the Organic sector for both the years 2019/20 and 2020/ 21, the highest national-level award for exporters in Sri Lanka. Further attesting to the company’s commitment to producing sustainable, fairly produced, unadulterated and natural products, the Founder Chairman of Bio Foods, Dr. Sarath Ranaweera (Ph.D), was recognized in 2014, with the “Fairest Fair-Trader of the World Award”, at the first ever Fair Trade Awards held in Bonn, Germany, beating out 80 other contenders for the title.

Established initially as an exporter of organic and fair-trade tea, Bio Foods’ product portfolio today includes exquisite varieties of pure Ceylon teas, both black and green, along with its own line of special Heaven Scent Teas, grown and made according to a unique patented manufacturing process developed and used only by Bio Foods. In addition to this, Bio Foods also supplies a range of 100% organic spices and was the first company ever to obtain fair-trade certification for spices. Organic coconut products such as coconut milk and desiccated coconut are also among Bio Foods’ organic product offering.

In their search for a way to preserve the delicate freshness of produce for consumption in distant places, without preservatives or other adulterants, Bio Foods has commissioned their own individual quick freezing (IQF) facility for a range of fresh produce from Sri Lanka. Through this technology, fresh produce is ultra-rapidly frozen, allowing the cellular structure of the items to remain intact. This results in no damage or loss of flavour or nutrients when thawed, letting people far and wide enjoy fresh produce, farmed organically and in line with fair-trade practices.

By the Company’s own assertion, there is “no blind belief here” when it comes to sustainability and fair trade. Bio Foods has an extensive and long list of independent, global 3rd party certifications to confirm beyond any doubt the authenticity of its assurance of 100% sustainable, fair and organic products only. In 2020, Bio Foods brought honour to Sri Lanka by winning the German Sustainability Award for “Global Partnerships”, together with its German investor partner GLS Bank. The award honours excellence in sustainability in the fields of economy, communities and research. With more than 800 applicants and 2,000 guests at the events, it is the biggest award of its kind in Europe. It is endowed by the German Sustainability Award Foundation in cooperation with the German Government municipalities, and other civil society organisations and research institutions.

Its long and impressive list of certifications is comprised of some of the world’s most prestigious and trusted certifications for sustainable farming and fair trade. These include demeter certification for biodynamic agriculture, EU Organic Food Certification, USDA Organic Certification, JAS Certification, Control Union Certification, certification from Biologique Canada, Naturland, BRC Food, FSSC 22000, FAIRTRADE, UTZ, Controle Equitable Par Ecocert, BSCI and the Sri Lanka Tea Board. Bio Foods’ products are also K Pareve certified, meeting the requirements for Kosher products.

Bio Foods Believes in the combination of organic and fair-trade practices as a tool to establish sustainability in all agricultural practices. Rigorously maintained organic standards ensure that the environment remains fertile and productive for future generations. Fair trade standards ensure that farmers always have the security of being guaranteed a fair price, providing an incentive to not just keep farming, but also to keep farming responsibly. Thus, by adhering to these principles, Bio Foods is able to sustainably cater to an ever-growing demand for ethical organic food from around the world. Bio Foods believes in taking care of each aspect of the value chain to ensure true traceability. For example, Bio Foods has been producing organic certified (according to EU standards) biofertilizer for their large network of organic farmers since 2013.


(From L-R) Thimal Samarasekera - GM Finance HR and Admin, Bio Foods, Sanjaya Yaddehige - CEO, Bio Foods, Shammi Kirinde - GM Operations, Bio Foods

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