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Is Obama having an affair with Beyonce?

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A French media firestorm has been circulating claims that Barack Obama and Beyonce are dangerously in love.

It came as Francois Hollande, France’s head of state and a well-known love cheat, arrived in America on an official state visit without his now-ex partner, Valérie Trierweiler.

Rumours of an affair between the American president and the superstar singer- both of whom are married- were first made on Europe 1 radio station this morning.

They led to denials from the Washington Post, who were said to be preparing to break the incredible story.

Kristine Coratti, director of communications for the newspaper, said: ‘I can tell you that it’s false’, adding ‘The Washington Post does not produce articles’ of this kind.

But Pascal Rostain, the photographer who last month took photographs of Mr Hollande secretly visiting a Paris love nest on the back of moped and wearing a crash helmet, spoke of the alleged relationship.

He said revelations of any kind of affair between Mr Obama, 52, and Beyonce, 32, would send shockwaves around the world.

Beyonce performed ‘America the Beautiful’ at Obama’s inauguration in 2009 and the pair are firm friends.

'You know, at this moment, in the United States, there’s something huge which is about to happen,’ Mr Rostain told interviewer Jean-Marc Morandini.

‘Indeed, it will come out tomorrow in the Washington Post. We cannot say that it is from the gutter press - a supposed liaison between President Barack Obama and Beyonce. I can assure you that the world will talk.’

Mr Rostain’s claims were reported by a range of respected media in France, including Le Figaro and Le Point.

Mr Rostain was the first to know for sure that Mr Hollande was cheating on his first lady, Valerie Trierwelier, with the actress, Julie Gayet.

Referring to Mr Obama and his wife Michelle, Mr Rostain said: ‘For the first time, there are still images or televised ones of the Obama couple becoming a bit distant.

‘One can legitimately pose questions. We were told the same thing by the pictures of Hollande and Trierweiler.’

Questioned about the Obama-Beyonce claims later today, Mr Rostain said they were a 'joke'.

The 20 year age gap between Mr Obama and Beyonce is almost the same as that between Mr Hollande, 59, and Ms Gayet, 41.

Mr Obama is a well-known fan of the singer, having invited her to perform at numerous occasions, including at Michelle’s 50th birthday party at the White House last month.

There have also been rumours of increasing tensions in the Obama marriage, although Beyonce’s marriage to rapper Jay Z, 44, is said to be rock solid.

In recent weeks an alleged affair between former president Bill Clinton and celebrity beauty Elizabeth Hurley turned out to be made up.

The unmarried Mr Hollande arrives in America unaccompanied after splitting up with Ms Trierweiler, although his affair with Ms Gayet is said to be ongoing back in France.(Daily Mail)


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