‘Flying Fish’ – CID quiz production company officials

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The Production Company officials  of the international award winning Sinhala film ‘Igilena Malu’ (Flying Fish) that was subjected to controversy after its screening at a French Film Festival held last week -- were questioned by the CID yesterday

Asia Digital Entertainment (Pvt) Ltd., Consultant and Movie Director Kelum Palitha Mahirathne speaking to Daily Mirror said, “I was questioned by CID officials concerning basic details about the film such as inspirations or influences that led to the making of the movie. I provided all the details I was aware of, which was not much, as even I haven’t watched the film entirely. . .”

He said the film was produced four years ago but they were not planning to release it in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Mahirathne said the CID officials had requested a copy of the movie as well.

“This movie was produced to lend a helping hand to a young, up and coming film director. We have agreed to provide a copy to the CID and we will be providing every detail necessary to assist its investigations,” he said.

The film was subjected to criticism and controversy last week after it was screened at a French Film Festival held at the BMICH. It was criticized for content that is alleged to have depicted derogatory material on the Sri Lankan armed forces. The BMICH took immediate steps to suspend the film festival.

National Security Media Centre Director Lakshman Hulugalle said an investigation was launched into the film and its contents. (By Lakna Paranamanna)


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-9+118 # Ariyapala 2013-07-15 12:13
Now, I want to watch it. Where can I get a copy of it?
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-7+68 # Fayad 2013-07-15 14:48
We sri lankans will never see good productions in the future, if this happens to be banned
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-3+34 # Godaya 2013-07-15 15:49
you can watch the trail of the film in you tube
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-8+65 # Kalu Banda 2013-07-15 16:51
We are a five star democracy with absolute freedom - the only restrictions are on criticisms of the Govt, the forces, Ministers, the BBS, and THE FAMILY - more as we go along!
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-5+25 # Kumar 2013-07-15 18:45
Are you talking about Cowards democrazy full of Guilt, suspicion and supression.
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-6+38 # Perumal 2013-07-15 17:23
Derogatory of "armed forces"? Is "armed forces" a religion?
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-17+93 # Bandara 2013-07-15 12:16
Anything depicting the truth needs to be banned in the Banana republic.
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-12+47 # Yehiya 2013-07-15 12:36
Very shame.
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-12+59 # Shwan 2013-07-15 12:40
Doesn't the CID have better things to do ? Suspending a film which is true.. Pathetic the country is.. Maggots all walking free..
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-14+33 # Yuri 2013-07-15 13:29
Why copy of the movie to CID, just send to Juntas
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-7+41 # MgodisThuma 2013-07-15 13:35
Something Fishy ?
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-5+15 # Ram 2013-07-15 13:43
Where are we going to ned up ?
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-4+48 # truelankan 2013-07-15 14:37
How ridiculous! This is just a film! What do they expect movies to do? The constitution of Sri Lanka guarantees the freedom of expression and artistic expression is one of the most important forms of expression. There is no law in Sri Lanka to prevent making films that are injurious to the armed forces! Why should the armed forces be protected over anyone else? Then we shouldnt make films that put doctors, lawyers, politicians or even bus drivers in a bad light or in a different light. In fact, we shouldnt make films at all and just lease out our telecinecity in Hambantota to Indian films with big tax breaks!
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-5+37 # Calistus Jayatilleke 2013-07-15 14:50
Why so much fuss about a movie? Does the government want everything to toe their line only and no one else is allowed to express their ideas through the so called "freedom of expression".
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-4+28 # radish.S 2013-07-15 15:00
Freedom of expression should be respected. A work of art should be given its due place. If there is anything not true in it, it should be faced in the proper way. According to the news item this film has got the certification from the proper authorities before being screened. It is not fair to stop the entire French festival because of a filmwhich in any event has already been screened. Anyway this has given maximum publicity to the film and many more will now like to see this film. One should be able to face criticism and answer it.
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-5+20 # nillu 2013-07-15 15:31
Dont warry this si the meadia freedom of the country
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-4+19 # Here we go again 2013-07-15 15:41
Police sate ? tightening the noose and no industry is spared ... artists have already left the country now young directors and producers will follow the country will be left only with jokers creating dry comics
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-23+5 # Ling 2013-07-15 15:47
From the comments can really understand the level of the readers. Does anyone know what is the movies about? Is a very sick and psycho movies if you read wiki. Is a proxy movies.
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-5+22 # Suny J fm Melbourne 2013-07-15 17:46
Cinema is a medium of expression; it could be a reality or a fantasy or a psycho movie as you labelled. There is no hard and fast rule in this medium of expression. If you are not happy don’t watch the movie, let others to decide? Don’t try to dictate terms on others.
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-5+32 # H Dhiva 2013-07-15 16:34
Mahinda appears to have lost control. The psychotic imbecile appears to be running the country.
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-5+21 # Cobra 2013-07-15 18:00
Spot on, friend, spot on!
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-4+20 # Ruwan 2013-07-15 18:52
You are truly correct. The s...t eating Pig needs a brain checkup.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-2+19 # Ruwan 2013-07-15 18:59
Our TV Teledramas have become Joke Drama with no quality, cheap production, boring and time wasting. Where all the talented producers and scrypt writers gone......
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-3+31 # Game Kolla 2013-07-15 16:47
Srilankan cinema is now being controlled by some producers and directors who are aligned with the government.Highly talented young film makers are given step motherly treatment .
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-5+19 # Rata Haraka 2013-07-15 17:31
Anything that even remotely touches the government or says anything against them is banned and will be investigated. Welcome to the Banana Republic of Sri Lanka.
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-5+15 # jagathroshan 2013-07-15 18:44
Wanna see a miracle ,just visit Sri Lanka.MR boys savage politics is a daily ruitine
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-3+17 # Ane Anichan 2013-07-15 18:56
Because of derogatory material on the Sri Lankan war heros organizers had to change its stance from "Flying fish" to "Frying-fish"?
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-0+4 # raviraj 2013-07-16 09:57
if the censor board has give its approval what is the CID investigating. Then even the censor board should be investigated
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