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Know yourself from your horoscope

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Even a person born into a poor ordinary family would rise to a high position in life if his Lagnadhipati (lord of the Ascendant), is posited in the Lagna, in a quadrant (Kendra) or a trine (Moolatrikona) or in the 11th House and is aspected by benefics. 

Learning, wealth and fame
If Jupiter, Venus or Mercury is posited in quadrants or trines, the native is assured of learning, wealth and fame. The native would gain wealth, prosperity and authority when several planets are exalted, swakshetra, or Vargottama in good Bhavas.
Benefics in the 2nd   and the 12th Houses from the Sun confer strength on the native to achieve self-reliance and prosperity through perseverance. 

An agile mind, peace and happiness 
Benefics on either side of the Moon, in the same sign or House or adjoining signs give the native a sound and an agile mind, peace of mind, happiness and prosperity. 
The native is very fortunate if the 9th Bhagya Bhava is occupied by its lord or benefics and aspected by benefics.
Conjunction of lords of trines and quadrants, mutual aspect or exchange of signs confers success and prosperity on the native.

Free from misfortunes
Benefics in quadrants and malefics in the 6th, 8th and the 11th give success and happiness.
If there are no planets in the 6th, 8th and the 12th Houses life becomes free from misfortunes. Malefics in the Lagna, the 2nd and the 9th House make the native lead a life of poverty and hardship

A successful start in life
The Lagna represents the personality, personality traits, childhood, health, environment, the physical body, and the character. If the Lagnadhipati is strongly posited, and the Lagna is aspected only by benefics, the native would have a successful beginning in life.

Good health and long life
If the lord of the Lagna occupies a trine or a quadrant, swakshetra or exalted, the lord of the 8th     in a House other than an angle and the Lagna is occupied by a benefic, the native is blessed with long life. 
Aries, Leo and Scorpio natives are energetic and vigorous from birth due to the influence of Mars and Sun. In their 20s and 30s, they show a tremendous drive, marked organizational and administrative skills. Most captains of industry and commerce today are those born under these three signs. 
Jupiter swakshetra in Sagittarius, Pisces or exalted in Cancer nullifies all Arishta Yogas. A person born with Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn posited in signs ruled by them is very fortunate.  He would enjoy prosperity and long life.

Planets that make a multi-billionaire
An individual born when Rahu, Mars and Saturn are posited in Virgo would become a multi-billionaire.
People born in Cancer are great thinkers. They are short-tempered, but they are ‘forget and forgive’ people.  Taurus natives are strong –willed and persevering. Most firm and upright rulers in the history of human civilization have been born under the Taurus sign.