All of us will get together to teach this notorious CM a lesson : Harin Fernando

A tense situation occurred last week when supporters of SendhilThondaman assaulted UNP Councillors A. Ganeshamoorthy and UpaliSenarathne. Ganeshamoorthy who had not been present at two of the previous sittings were warned that his seat would be annulled if he didn’t appear for the third time. Upon his arrival, this situation arose. In view of this brawl, a media conference was held to condemn this attack, the notorious activities of the Chief Minister ChamaraSampathDissanayake and SendhilThondaman.

All of us will get together to teach this notorious CM a lesson :Harin Fernando

In his comments, Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure Minister Harin Fernando said that if Ganeshamoorthy didn’t appear for the third sitting there would have been an issue.“Therefore the Opposition leader has informed the Police that there would be an issue with this regard. Once he crossed over from the SLFP to the UNP several politicians have filed complaints against him in the Police. Therefore we requested that those investigations could be done separately but as a Provincial Council member he should be allowed to be present at meetings. One thing should be kept in mind. This Minister was working under the Chief Minister Chamara Sampath Dissanayake and back then there were no investigations conducted. But all these started after he joined the UNP. When we requested that he should be allowed in to the PC the SSP at the Police guaranteed that he could be allowed inside and therefore I asked the Opposition leader to take him in his vehicle. But he was brutally assaulted and this was a plan to keep him away from the third meeting so that his ministerial position would be annulled. But now we see the Chief Minister speaking at a press conference saying that he wasn’t there and he was at his official residence. He provoked Sendhil Thondaman to be a part of this fiasco after offering him a ministerial position as well. The CM was alleged for many derogatory activities including the incident where he made a teacher to kneel down. Therefore we all will get together to teach this notorious CM a lesson.  But I have all the evidence to prove that he was present at the time of this incident. We are happy that the media has taken an upper hand in revealing all issues that happen behind closed doors. If such people remain in this system they will be a bad mark for the entire good governance regime and will defame the President himself. When Maithripala Sirisena was appointed he assured that he would appoint Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister and he did as promised within 24 hours.”

Both the CM and Sendhil have been involved in many notorious incidents :

Airing his views, ………. said that the Uva Provincial Council is represented by all Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils. “Ganeshamoorthy received votes from the poor people living in the estates. But he couldn’t work with the CM because he gives orders to assault innocent people and this is why he joined with Harin Fernando and the rest of the UNPers. When a people’s representative is appearing before the PC to talk about people’s issues, it is not right for anybody to assault him this way. If the CM advisedSendhilThondaman on how to assault this minister, all their other misdemeanours too fall in to place. Both the CM and Sendhil have been involved in many notorious incidents and cases have been filed at the Bandarawela courts. We wanted to highlight on education in Tamil medium and even conducted literature festivals, established buildings and gave away appointments. So how can rogues like this man or Sendhil who has studied in India do any good? There are nine PCs but the President should decide whether he needs ministers at lower levels or not. When we are struggling to find teachers for the A/L classes, these guys go on assaulting and kneeling down principals and teachers. So how can we find teachers to work in these schools? Not only Ganeshamoorthy, even UpaliSenarathne was assaulted. The President has to take immediate action with regard to this incident.”

Ganeshamoorthy was deprived of his privileges and fundamental rights : R. M Rathnayake

Speaking at the press conference, Opposition leader R. M Rathnayake said that this group didn’t allow Ganeshamoorthy to enter PC on two occasions. “When Ganeshamoorthy told me that his ministerial post would be confiscated if he didn’t appear for the third meeting, I wrote to the SSP, the governor and the chairman of the PC. In that I mentioned that he has been deprived of his privileges and fundamental rights. The PC is also equipped with a security service but it didn’t give any assistance to solve this issue. The premises were obstructed in such a way so that nobody could enter the PC. When we stopped the vehicle they forcibly opened doors and started assaulting Ganeshamoorthy. It was the Police who protected me and took me out of the vehicle. They didn’t even allow Harin Fernando to enter the PC. After much difficulty we took Ganeshamoorthy in to the meeting but they kept calling him a thief.

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