Navi wants to send more rapporteurs

2013-02-01 00:46:20

United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner Navi Pillay has sought to dispatch ten special rapporteurs to Sri Lanka to assess the implementation of the recommendations by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), the Daily Mirror learns.

This is in addition to last year’s visit of three officials from the High Commissioner’s office to Sri Lanka.  Hanny Megally and Oscar Solera are the two officials who came to Sri Lanka in September last year.

However, it is learnt that the government of Sri Lanka has turned down the latest request to send special rapporteurs from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). Instead, the External Affairs Ministry has insisted that Ms. Pillay should visit   the country first to see for herself the progress being made in the post war area.

“It is the initial stand. First, a team of officials from her office arrived in the country and held talks with all the stakeholders. They came here to do the groundwork for her visit. We stick to   that stand. It is impossible to endorse further missions by special rapporteurs,” an authoritative source said.

Ms. Pillay has been critical of Sri Lanka in recent times. Also, she sent a strongly worded letter to the government, criticizing the procedure adopted in the impeachment of former Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake.

The UNHRC adopted the United States-sponsored resolution on Sri Lanka in March, last year.  According to it, the High Commissioner is required to submit a report to the next session of the UNHRC regarding the progress on the implementation of measures outlined in the resolution.
Besides, the US has announced that they will move yet another ‘procedural resolution ‘on Sri Lanka at the next session to strengthen the previous resolution. The government is waiting to know the content of the proposed resolution to plan its next course of action. (Kelum Bandara)

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  • Saliya Friday, 1 February 2013 00:00

    Crazy woman! via DM Android App

    Reply : 50       22

    Lobo Friday, 1 February 2013 02:11

    Just how long more and how many more investigations will it take to satisfy this biased shrew?

    Reply : 70       45

    Nodrog Friday, 1 February 2013 02:13

    Seriously, does this woman not have anything better to do in her life other than keep looking and looking for an excuse to castigate Srilanka. Even after 3 years she has still not found any credible proof.

    Reply : 81       43

    Mr Retort Friday, 1 February 2013 06:22

    Don't you think, this the best she can and should do for the country and its people when oppasition is not able to do that

    Reply : 14       48

    Saskia Friday, 1 February 2013 08:41

    How can she find the evidence when SL did not allow any investigators? SL should provide cooperation to investigate if there are any war crimes committed.

    Reply : 14       28

    godofwar Friday, 1 February 2013 06:06

    nodrog, she has nothing against sl, but want to know what "really" happened during the war and put any war criminals behind bars.

    Reply : 21       50

    ind Friday, 1 February 2013 07:28

    Who doesn't interest what US is doing in Afghanistan and Iraq ? What is Israel doing in Gaza strip ?? Our problem is why only about Sri Lanka.

    Reply : 36       18

    kumar Friday, 1 February 2013 08:55

    Watch international news, don't pretend to be the frog in the well.

    12       23

    ind Friday, 1 February 2013 06:16

    She afraid to come herself. She know better than us, she is uttering totally false information against Sri Lanka. I bet you can't and you won't !!!

    Reply : 42       17

    kumar Friday, 1 February 2013 08:58

    I don't think you guys could 100% wipeout all the evidences in three years . Otherwise you would say "they are free to come and Investigate"

    Reply : 7       30

    Real Peace Friday, 1 February 2013 06:27

    If you are not guilty, you do not have to refuse.

    Reply : 15       54

    ind Friday, 1 February 2013 07:31

    Learn something about Gobbels !

    Reply : 13       8

    Jeewan Friday, 1 February 2013 07:33

    Tell the Israel's??????

    Reply : 18       14

    Ratnayake Friday, 1 February 2013 10:03

    She is a tricky woman who wants to get necessary information from us prior to the meeting in March and get ready with points to attack us. The GOSL should NOT get caught to her strategy and they should say “we will do it at the next month meeting because that place where we should review”.

    Reply : 16       12

    Jan Chandra Friday, 1 February 2013 10:38

    Well said and well done, GOSL at last. It is time to assert and not be naive to accept special rapporteurs because Navi Pillai should see matters herself rather than hide behind the so called special rapporteurs. This indeed is a joke.

    Reply : 9       14

    tomsamusa Friday, 1 February 2013 12:11

    What this cursed island needs is to round up all pakse thugs than more overseers to monitor their pililfering the failed state.

    Reply : 9       12

    Sri Monday, 4 February 2013 18:30

    More the merrier for corroboration.

    Reply : 0       0

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