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I have lost confidence in SLC:Mahela

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Sri Lanka cricket team captain Mahela Jayawardene said yesterday that he has lost confidence in Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) after a confidential document handed over to SLC had been published in the Daily Mirror.

Jayawardene who is currently touring Australia with the national team said this in an email sent to Daily Mirror through the Sri Lanka team manager Charith Senanayaka.

Following is the full text of Jayawardene’s letter:

As the Captain of the National Team, I am disturbed and deeply disappointed that a confidential document handed over to Sri Lanka Cricket has been published in the Daily Mirror on December 19 causing much concern, embarrassment to players and other staff members.

Hence, on behalf of the National Cricket team, I wish to clarify the position with regard to the article concerning guarantee fee payments.

Contrary to what the article states, the decision to share the guarantee fees with the team Management (Not with any favorite individuals and most of them are past SL cricketers) and support staff who worked closely and tirelessly with the team was done collectively by the entire team. This however is not a new practice as the guarantee fees were shared with the Management and support staff since the 2007 World Cup.

The decision to share the fees with the Management, Baggage boys and especially this time with the ground staff and curators was mainly in appreciation for their efforts and services.

The guarantee fee is a payment made by ICC to Sri Lanka Cricket. 25% of that is paid to the players and it is players’ prerogative how they wish to share the fees paid to them.

I am also disappointed that the article was published in the papers without verifying the contents and the Treasurer of SLC too making comments.

As a result of what has transpired, I have lost all confidence in dealing with SLC in the future.

My sincere apologies to all my team members and other coaching and Management staff for the inconvenience and embarrassment caused.

Sports Editor’s note:

We have not mentioned anything in our article to present a contrary view to the fact that the decision to share guarantee money was a collective decision of the team members. We have even described it in our article as a “commendable” act. We verified facts with SLC Treasurer but did not try to contact Jayawardene as he is currently in Australia. Though Jayawardene has mentioned about a failure to verify contents, he has not pointed out any wrong facts in the article. We regret any disturbance or embarrassment cause to national cricketers and offer an apology as it was not our intention.


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