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Bringing in 8-Ps: Marketing mix redefined and remapped

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One of the most crucial decisions for a marketing function of any company is the mix of elements that will be used to achieve sales within a target market. This concept of “Marketing Mix” is a fundamental part of marketing theory. Given that marketing has a wide selection of techniques available to........
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Tips on building your portfolio when investing

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Like every investor, you want to choose investments that will provide the growth and income you need to meet your financial goals. To do that, it’s important to understand yourself as an investor. That’s because a portfolio that’s right for someone else may not be best for you.
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Towards resilient and stable financial institutions

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Sri Lanka’s financial sector has experienced significant developments since partial liberalization in the post-77 era. To move from a highly protected environment to a liberalized economy may have required some shock treatment such as the opening of the financial sector.
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Sustaining development success in Sri Lanka

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In many ways, Sri Lanka is a development success story. Its economy has been growing steadily and this has lifted millions of people out of poverty and boosted shared prosperity. Moving higher up on the economic ladder, however, will require addressing new challenges involving bold decisions.
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The female game changer in tech valley

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Some women know the art of wearing their laurels well.For Weili Dai, as the only female co-founder of a cutting-edge semiconductor company, Marvell, the laurels never came easy but she knows how to wear them well. In fact, too well.
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People challenges in mergers and acquisitions

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The rapid change in the market place, due to globalization, growth in outsourcing, the need to speed up growth and the shortening of product cycles and the rapid pace of technological innovation, has forced companies to look to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as a part of their business strategy, to meet their business goals.
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Sri Lanka Tourism in 2013: The good, the bad and the ugly

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The past year was certainly a ‘mixed bag’ for Sri Lanka tourism with possibly the ‘highs’ slightly outweighing the ‘lows’.
A quick overview of the past year, albeit weighted towards the hotels sector, is as follows.
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Customs for facilitating legitimate trade in Sri Lanka

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January 26th was International Customs Day. The theme for this year is, “Communication: Sharing Information for Better Cooperation”. Trade facilitation measures are important means of achieving improved communication and.........
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Manager’s essential power-toolbox Taking firm grasp of diversified business firm

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Product Portfolio Analysis (PPA) is a process where managers study the profitability of the various products and services a business offers. It is designed to help optimize the allocation of resources between those products and services.
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Are you ready to face a growing stock market?

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The Sri Lankan equity market experienced certain developments during the past few years and is currently poised for growth. The daily average turnover for the current year is Rs.1,132 million, while the net foreign inflow is Rs.826.6 million.
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Access for all – Samasource, one woman’s crusade to empower the powerless

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Samasource. Kind of sounds familiar. Sama in Sanskrit and in Sinhala means ‘all’ and that’s exactly what Samasource founder, Leila Janah, is confident it will be - giving equal opportunities for all.....
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CA Sri Lanka launches SME toolkit for 2014

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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) officially launched its small and medium Enterprise (SME) toolkit for 2014 recently.
The audit manual, which is targeted at Small and
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Sri Lanka makes strong case for investments in Singapore

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Following are excerpts of the panel discussion held as part of the ‘Invest Sri Lanka’ Investor Forum, that concluded in Singapore this week. Ferial Ashraff, High Commissioner of Sri Lanka...........
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Growth rate: What it means and what it does not?

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Growth rate figures  are often highlighted  in the  media  by Central Bankers and others  especially when they are  estimated at  say 6 to 7 per cent; Some say we are  experiencing  an economic  boom, while other say we are on the......
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Achieving fiscal targets: Long procrastination will continue

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Not even governments can perpetually spend more than they earn, without jeopardising the economy. Therefore, the fiscal targets of the present government – to systematically reduce the budget deficit over a......
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Condominiums: There are some unhappy buyers……

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It is necessary for Condominium unit owners to actively participate in running the complex through the Condominium Management Corporation. You cannot buy a Condominium and feel that this is one way to have a peaceful life without getting involved in repairs and maintenance.
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Customers too expect standards

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We may not be aware of them, but we use standards every day, in all aspects of our daily lives – in communications, education, healthcare, food, transport, construction, furniture, customer service and in many others.
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Beyond borders: Growth challenges for emerging markets

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A number of emerging market economies  have been on a rollercoaster since the U.S. Federal Reserve announced last May the eventual tapering of its asset purchase program.
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Can we really walk the talk?

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Building a career has always been a tough calling. Whether for a man or woman, working towards a goal of success, with a strong dose of determination and courage, rarely comes easy
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Economic outlook 2014 SL will show all characteristics of growth of small developing countries: Dr. Kelegama

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The Talking Economics editorial team interviewed Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) Executive Director Dr. Saman Kelegama to get his views on the outlook for 2014 for the global economy and for Sri Lanka. Excerpts …
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Countries need to start investing in disaster readiness

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The last three years will be remembered for deadly climate-related disasters, among them the great floods in Thailand in 2011, Hurricane Sandy in the United States in 2012 and Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013.
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Yanni ready to rock Colombo
Recalling the ordeal
The ride that ended in tears
Bad weather destroys houses in Mahakachchikodi