“Ten Second Car” worth Rs.100 mn in Colombo

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A “Ten Second” sports car, bought down at a cost of Rs. 100 million (including taxes) which is said to go from 0 km/h to 200 km/h in just 8.7 seconds, was seen at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) earlier this week, Customs sources said.

The unmistakable, yellow coloured ‘Ferrari 488 Spider’ which is equipped with full convertible Spider architecture, was reported to be bought down by an owner of a chain of hotels.

The vehicle is reported to be arrived at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) on Christmas Eve and had cleared after the tax component was paid to the customs.

According to the auto.ferrari.com, the vehicle which is the latest product to come out of the Ferrari Maranello Headquarters, is the most powerful and innovative Ferrari Spider model ever built.

The heart of the car is equipped with a 3902cc turbo-charged V8 engine and races from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds flat. (Thilanka Kanakarathna)

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  • Greg Thursday, 28 December 2017 07:38 AM

    Luckily MR is out of power else his family would have been accused for importing this

    Somapala Thursday, 28 December 2017 09:56 AM

    MR's boys will import it with other people's money. You can be the first man to cheer them.

    Indpendent Thursday, 28 December 2017 02:02 PM

    happend to see him with a MR's son on his twitter page post.

    Motorist Thursday, 28 December 2017 07:41 AM

    Going at that speed, we will need the Great Highway Fan to be re-installed again! Is this a gift for the young one!!!?

    mnsmart Thursday, 28 December 2017 08:58 AM

    This is what 's required in Sri Lanka

    Jerome Thursday, 28 December 2017 01:39 PM

    The person who bought it from his own money. Why should others bother about it. If they have money, let them enjoy.

    Arosha Thursday, 28 December 2017 09:00 AM

    Congratulations Dude. Be careful of potholes!!

    samayang Thursday, 28 December 2017 09:26 AM

    Wow!!! 100,mm. So Sri Lanka is now a developed country. Why are people grumbling I wonder.

    clever boy Thursday, 28 December 2017 09:36 AM

    another example of the indulgent rich in Sri Lanka. We dont need these toys in his overcrowded impoverished island. Build better public transit in Colombo with the money spent on these toys

    Stan Thursday, 28 December 2017 12:19 PM

    stop complaining, it's not my money or your money. people are free to spend the money they have earned on whatever they want. this person paid taxes so yeah that's definitely something. i suggest you stop spending money your basic needs and contribute it to the government so that they can improve public transport in Colombo

    Independent. Thursday, 28 December 2017 02:03 PM

    Happen to see this guy with MR's family in his twitter posts. Good if it's hardly earned money from their own investments.

    Thanos Thursday, 28 December 2017 02:10 PM

    If the money is earned legally and all taxes have been paid then it is non of your business. If you don't like that, then go back to your beloved socialist Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea.

    Silver Thursday, 28 December 2017 09:39 AM

    Better keep the car parked at the BIA - the car can be tested and used on the runway as it car do 0 - 100 km/hr in 3 seconds and that appears the only place where the high net worth owner could put the car through its paces!!!

    voter Thursday, 28 December 2017 09:40 AM

    Must be for election canvassing.

    saranga.walimuni Thursday, 28 December 2017 10:11 AM

    Need more of these

    duckman Thursday, 28 December 2017 10:14 AM

    at least he/she paid all the taxes.

    Countryman Thursday, 28 December 2017 10:44 AM

    Don't worry... taxpayers of the country will pay the bills!

    Rasheed Thursday, 28 December 2017 10:51 AM

    Don't worry he can fly, our traffic Police will salute them rather than catching them for high speed.

    Sam Thursday, 28 December 2017 11:11 AM

    Its 4 Crores (40 Million) in India. Wonder what is the tax component. Supposed to do 7.5 KM per Litre.

    Jeeva Bananasinghe Thursday, 28 December 2017 11:26 AM

    Let's photoshop the image with Namal and say it belongs to him.

    Jerome Thursday, 28 December 2017 01:41 PM

    If MR is in power, it will come not come out in else name but Namal baby.

    TOM Thursday, 28 December 2017 11:30 AM

    New addition to Avenra's garage!

    Jackie Thursday, 28 December 2017 12:12 PM

    Wow! latest addition by Av-en-ra !!

    mark Thursday, 28 December 2017 01:14 PM

    Who's money this person is misusing????Mahinda, Namal, Basil, Gota or late JeyrajYou can't be a multi billionaire overnight????Yahapalana Govt. over to you for further investigation

    Ray Thursday, 28 December 2017 08:40 PM

    Didn’t you read that it’s the owner of a chain of hotels and not a overnight billionaire. Jealous of other people’s success?

    Eds Thursday, 28 December 2017 09:45 PM

    What kind of a jealous looser are u man?

    mfz Thursday, 28 December 2017 01:21 PM

    With the new duty scheme, which is only based on engine capacity regardless of the CIF value, we can see more super cars being brought down in 2018.

    Dee Thursday, 28 December 2017 01:33 PM

    Nice to have but can't drive .

    Rajitha Thursday, 28 December 2017 06:40 PM

    Money from the Bond Scam...

    Asphalt Thursday, 28 December 2017 07:04 PM

    Another Spyder 488 us about arrive next week , imported by rhe car importer who had brought down a Lamborghini l

    Hiran Thursday, 28 December 2017 07:33 PM

    I drive this car all the time....on my Play Station.

    K Perera Thursday, 28 December 2017 08:51 PM

    You can drive in that speed on the airport runways, not on the SL roads. Waste of money!

    InconvenietTruth Thursday, 28 December 2017 09:22 PM

    The owner has paid the taxes, and that is revenue for the government, so why belly ache, let the dude/gal enjoy driving the 0-100, in 3 seconds car at 20 km/hr on the roads of Colombo.

    Eds Thursday, 28 December 2017 09:43 PM

    Let the man enjoy his car in peace. What a bunch of jealous loosers we have here!

    Mike Dambose Friday, 29 December 2017 08:35 PM

    Congratulations, you have bought yourself a beautiful mechine. Ignore all negative comments .God bless

    albert_kingery Thursday, 08 February 2018 11:06 AM

    Don't worry... taxpayers of the country will pay the bills! and he can fly , the Police will salute them rather than catching them for high speed.

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