SC upholds ruling on registering SAITM medical students

2018-09-21 11:02:20

The Supreme Court today upheld a Court of Appeal ruling which directed the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) to register MBBS graduates of the SAITM.  

Earlier, the SLMC filed an application in the Supreme Court against the Court of Appeal’s ruling to provisionally register South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) degree holders.

The Supreme Court today rejected the SLMC application and ordered the SLMC to pay Rs.100,000 as cost to the the MBBS graduate of SAITM, who filed the first petition in the Court of Appeal. (Farook Thajudeen)

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  • lkboy Friday, 21 September 2018 11:59

    there is no "SAITM'.

    Reply : 35       6

    Arthur Friday, 21 September 2018 15:02

    lkboy, for your information, these students have already received the MBBS degree from SAITM. Now SLMC has to register them as doctors.

    Reply : 5       44

    Unchikun Friday, 21 September 2018 12:00

    They should be asked to pay Rs.10,000,000 each student and get the funds from the GMOA bandits.

    Reply : 9       68

    Aruna Friday, 21 September 2018 12:06

    What's the use now! Saitem is abolished!@

    Reply : 14       9

    RW Friday, 21 September 2018 12:15

    A historical decision for the future of education in Sri Lanka. Hats off to the courageous student who fought and also to Dr. Neville Fernando who invested his hard earned money for Medical education without having a comfortable time with his money during the last part of his life.

    Reply : 13       66

    Wise Donkey Friday, 21 September 2018 12:24


    Reply : 12       75

    Samson Friday, 21 September 2018 12:39

    Another opportunity for GMOA to strike.

    Reply : 5       42

    BV Friday, 21 September 2018 13:41

    Ya, Now strike and go to jail on contempt of court charges ?

    Reply : 2       52

    RM Friday, 21 September 2018 15:08

    I don't think the office bearers of the GMOA would prefer to give up their channel practice and languish in jail.

    Reply : 1       32

    Upali Wickramamsinghe Friday, 21 September 2018 12:44

    Fantastic.Any and every body should be able to study where ever they want. Others cannot dictate where one study.Dr. Padmal de Silva who bacame a world renowned Clinical Psychiatrist entered the University with Pali, Sinhala and Sanskrit not with Botany Zoology and Chemistry.Hamilton Naki who removed the heart and was the chief surgeon when the first Heart Transplant was done was a gardener by profession ( Ref Washington Post).

    Reply : 10       52

    Jen Hennawala Friday, 21 September 2018 12:53

    Like Upali said any and every one should be given the right to register in SLMC, starting with Gardners then (Kon)Doctors and so on.

    Reply : 11       21

    MO77 Friday, 21 September 2018 12:55

    The Supreme Court today a right decision. But, I suggest to the government of Sri Lanka should introduce a law for recruiting all graduates (in cluding state university) to government hospital after passing an examination.

    Reply : 3       23

    Leel Friday, 21 September 2018 13:00

    What a marvellous verdict. Verdit of the millaniam. Human rights is resorted. Now SAITM WILL BACK IN BUSINESS. Now Supreme court has to answer one question.Why it delayed this verdict? Is it not a humanright violation of the SAITM STUDENT AND THEIR PARENTS?

    Reply : 2       41

    Paul Friday, 21 September 2018 13:50

    SC became, JOKERS of the century. They waited every thing is over to give the judgement.

    Reply : 9       15

    Mandy Friday, 21 September 2018 15:04

    SC can give a verdict when they are approached. First file a case then go to Appeal Court and the to the Supreme Court. All that takes much time.

    Reply : 5       6

    Dutchy Friday, 21 September 2018 16:52

    Your comment would be dealt for contempt of court

    Reply : 3       8

    Prasanna Friday, 21 September 2018 13:54

    Hats off to SC though it came pretty late. This a landmark decision for future way forward of PMC in Srilanka. This shows the undue delay in the legal system SL and the delay caused many problems and some are yet to come.

    Reply : 2       29 Friday, 21 September 2018 16:05

    Even Arurvedic doctors of various institutions and Homeopathy doctors and even Arts graduates and Law graduates should be allowed to register with SLMC. All rich people will not get affected by this as they go to Singapore for treatment. Only the poor will die in hospitals run by SAITEM and other graduates. Long live Sri Lankans

    Reply : 34       11

    Sartdust Friday, 21 September 2018 16:25

    It's SAITM for your information.. not SAITEM . CANNOT even spell right.

    Reply : 1       22

    Ashoka Sunday, 23 September 2018 19:26

    This is the best example that Medical thuggery was defeated by justice. Funniest thing is the medical mafia still tries to overcome it. Hail rule of law and natural justice. !!!!

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