Gaming bill, JHU wants changes

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The JHU said yesterday that they would vote against the Gaming Levy (Special Provisions) Bill unless the amendments proposed by them were incorporated in the new legislation during the committee stage in Parliament.

JHU MP Ven. Athuraliye Ratana Thera told a news conference that there are plusses and minuses in the proposed Bill now pending parliamentary approval.

“Through this Bill, the government has sought to regulate the gaming centres in the country and permit them to be operated in specified areas. Earlier, we did not have a system for that. It is a positive point. In the meantime, it appears to be giving legality to gaming centres in a way. There are certain unclear aspects of the bill. During the committee stage, we will bring some amendments to sort out these shortcomings. We are only a party to the government,” Ven. Thera said. (KB)

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  • vikum Thursday, 04 November 2010 08:02 AM

    True, restricting them to one area preferrably to a tourist hot spot is good.

    Mandrake Thursday, 04 November 2010 05:43 PM

    Just get lost man, what amendments to a gambling bill. Your want to keep the cake and also eat it.

    Dinesh Thursday, 04 November 2010 08:09 AM

    I bet at last JHU will vote in favour. Any bets please.......

    perera Saturday, 06 November 2010 10:23 AM


    Nilantha Thursday, 04 November 2010 08:11 AM

    Good move Rev...

    Blff Bluff Thursday, 04 November 2010 08:12 AM

    Can they take the risk of being thrown out into the roads with begging bawl in their hands?!!

    Faqi Thursday, 04 November 2010 08:16 AM

    Should the monks be involved in policy making? Should not hey be involved in the temples and taking care of the temporal needs of the devotees. Why are they worried about the individuals who go to gaming centers?

    Wasantha Thursday, 04 November 2010 08:23 AM

    What changes? Why can't they fully oppose?.Gambling is gambling and it is against the teachings of Lord Buddha. This is a sinister motive to mislead the public and justify the stand being taken by the government.

    Mandrake Thursday, 04 November 2010 06:43 PM

    Total rubbish. Read the Damapada and learn.

    Daham Thursday, 04 November 2010 07:21 PM

    Ven. Rathana went disarmed to open mavil aru, it opened the war, the end of war opened peace. Forget his clothing. The man has done some good to the country.

    Saliya Wickremasuriy Friday, 05 November 2010 05:07 AM

    We don't need Muslims to preach to Catholics and Buddhists.

    Micky Mouse Friday, 05 November 2010 05:13 AM

    With gambling dens comes the the world's oldest profession into the limelight. Suba Anagatayake.

    Ranjith Thursday, 04 November 2010 08:39 PM

    Rulers should take advice from real 'Silvath', 'Nanawath' haamuduruwo. Not from political henchman

    Above the crowd Thursday, 04 November 2010 08:55 AM

    No gambling and porno movie parlous near temples please.

    saman Thursday, 04 November 2010 08:55 AM

    Kathawa Dholawen Gamana pa-e-in

    Jinadasa Thursday, 04 November 2010 12:27 PM

    How come gambling be good for foreigners and bad for locals? ai api kaluda?

    nihal Thursday, 04 November 2010 08:56 AM

    What is your veiw on Lottery? Is it a gambling ? is it allowed in the Budhism? can you allow to gamble in an approved zone? we cant understand your real polisy, your stand

    Patriot Thursday, 04 November 2010 12:56 PM

    To Faqi, Do not utter rubbish without knowing the role of Buddhist monks. I suppose that you are not a Buddhist (guessing by your name) Historically and even today the rulers of this country always sought the guidance from monks. It's sad you does not understand these things being a follower of an alien philosophy. Under the constitution of the Land Buddhism and Buddhist have been entrusted certain rights to preserve the Dhamma. Gaming or Alcohol/Tobacco and even all unethical elements must be controlled as per the guidance of the monks. It will never harm a decent citizen - ever!!!

    jayant Thursday, 04 November 2010 12:56 PM

    Why no gambling only near temples? It should be banned near ALL places of worship and schools.

    TMA Thursday, 04 November 2010 09:06 AM

    This is 'Kiri hindha ahaka dannath be, unu hinda bonnath be.

    sltk2004 Thursday, 04 November 2010 01:02 PM

    Exactly. If you follow this logic, we can have other 'sins' also in specific areas under regulation !

    Saman Thursday, 04 November 2010 09:07 AM

    Its True..., These are say such things to get the publicity as they dont do anything for the country. As Wasudeva in 18th Amendment thus set of people definitly to be vote in favour....

    dhana Thursday, 04 November 2010 09:08 AM

    D. R Wijewardhana Mawatha`s lands have already been handed over to a well known casino owner for a land exchange deal (A secret & private deal). D. R. Wijewardhana Mawatha will be the future Las Vegas of Sri Lanka. Even through parliament amendments and changes will come out but not to the benefit of public. Sri Lankans ! Do not get deceived,

    lankaputha Thursday, 04 November 2010 09:10 AM

    if the same gambling is happening at the palace or the gambling is run by the people in palace, is that too included as Sudu.. (Remember the liqour served by Prez is not "Sura meraya Madya Pama")

    Gihan Thursday, 04 November 2010 01:11 PM

    Yepzz ... I'm also with you ...
    he he he

    tissa Thursday, 04 November 2010 01:26 PM

    I also heard such allegations, unfortunately without any proof. Is this something like the buying of Australian Embassy, Apollo Hospital, etc, etc.?

    tissa Thursday, 04 November 2010 01:30 PM

    is it another story?

    tissa Thursday, 04 November 2010 01:32 PM

    Let each political party make its own policy decisions based on majority vote within the party. Not like decisions made in some party by its life-time leader, like Stalin in infamous communist Russia.

    hiru Thursday, 04 November 2010 09:17 AM

    The Monks referred here are a political party called the JHU.Their elected by the people to represent them in parliament take part in policy making. So the debate whether monks should be able to get involved policy making has been decided by the people when they elected them as MP s and voted for them as a political party.
    Once they are elected as MP s they are supposed to be making policies and govern and not to go to parliament and start preaching.

    seruvila Thursday, 04 November 2010 01:52 PM

    remember joe sim. premadasa era.

    KANDA UDARATA NILAME Saturday, 06 November 2010 07:07 PM


    Tilak.A Thursday, 04 November 2010 02:04 PM

    What can we expect from JHU other than to vote blindly for everything proposed by the Govt. They have no shame. Once their former leader Ellawala Medhananda said that liquor served at Temple Trees is acceptable and not against "Mathata Thitha" that they said they were promoting.

    Faqi Thursday, 04 November 2010 02:46 PM

    Patriot - Your high and mighty attitude is just what makes countries into governing theocracies. It was Samuel Johnson who stated that "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.""A man sometimes starts up a patriot, only by disseminating discontent, and propagating reports of secret influence, of dangerous counsels, of violated rights, and encroaching usurpation. This practice is no certain note of patriotism. To instigate the populace with rage beyond the provocation, is to suspend public happiness, if not to destroy it. He is no lover of his country, that unnecessarily disturbs its peace. Few errours and few faults of government, can justify an appeal to the rabble; who ought not to judge of what they cannot understand, and whose opinions are not propagated by reason, but caught by contagion." You are a fool as you assume too many things about others without any proof. Your type of Patriotism is the most dangerous to society.

    Faqi Thursday, 04 November 2010 02:54 PM

    hiru - The question is whether monks should dabble in politics. Every country where the clergy was involved in Politics and governance ended up being a theocracy and trampled on the rights of its citizens. Religion and politics should never be mixed. Governments should be secular so that all people have the same rights. Where there is separation of State and Religion, these countries thrives as against countries that mix religion & politics. The foremost question is whether a party as the JHU should be functioning in the first place in a democratic country such as ours. Religions should not govern people.
    It then leads to utter misery. Religion should be only a private belief and should not be forced on people.

    mahathero Thursday, 04 November 2010 02:59 PM

    Mr. patriot, didnt anyone advice you that you should not write anything knowing a little bit of everything and didn't anyone tel you that you talk nothing but rubbish!!!

    Sadarana kota Thursday, 04 November 2010 03:32 PM

    Patriot- Monks are suppose to lead us in the way which Lord Buddha showed...Lord Buddha refused his luxurious lyf and lived a simple lyf... Do u have any point in ur argument , Buddhist monks living luxurious life as MP's travelling in their Luxurios Mercedes Benz.. Can we really call them monks?...

    Suresh Thursday, 04 November 2010 09:40 AM

    Bookies and betting on races has been in the country for a long while. I have never heard any one of you saying that it should be stopped or banned. Is it different to gambling?

    Nishen Thursday, 04 November 2010 09:46 AM

    Dinesh - My money is also on u'r point. They will vote for this using Vasudeva theory. ha ha haaaaa

    Sadarana kota Thursday, 04 November 2010 03:47 PM

    Well said Faqi

    neville Friday, 05 November 2010 02:03 AM

    well done. sadu well done.Vasu is with you.

    Hasiya Thursday, 04 November 2010 10:13 AM

    Whats wrong in gaming? At least for a change, we should be able to do it.. Just the authorities should restrict access to minors..

    kari Thursday, 04 November 2010 10:20 AM

    JHU should completely oppose to this Bill as they were fighting againt this before. Gambling is gambling and they can't say now some aspects of tis are good. Everyone know that JHU will use Vasudewa theory at last !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ranjith Thursday, 04 November 2010 10:33 AM

    People who voted them are those who get easily carried away by petty patriotic slogans of Chakkarawarti ambattayas and WW, Maravin followers – knows nothing about policies or ..

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