Video: Yoshitha Rajapaksa remanded

2016-01-30 13:58:26

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s son Yoshitha and four others including Nishantha Ranatunga, Rohan Weliwita were remanded until February 11 by Kaduwela Magistrate Dhammika Hemapala over the alleged financial irregularities at the CSN.

Former President Rajapaksa, Shiranthi Rajapaksa, Namal Rajapaksa, former Minister Basil Rajapaksa and former defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa were also at the Kaduwela Magistrate Court.



Video by Buddhi, Sanjeewa, Buddhika Kumarasiri

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  • rasapaki Saturday, 30 January 2016 22:12

    What about the bolawathy

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    pras Saturday, 30 January 2016 22:22

    I firmly stand by Gota n MR any time but not the sons basil n other idiots who led to his down fall via DM Android App

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    Bala Sunday, 31 January 2016 10:59

    You will get your turn to change your mind in good time.

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    ishanga Sunday, 31 January 2016 04:04

    Good job. Now indicate the rest from FCID investigations

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    Andrew Pitugala Sunday, 31 January 2016 11:48

    Remanding and spending time in the prison hospital and then released on bail amounts to nothing. The cases ,must be proved in court and conviction must follow.

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    Motta Silva Sunday, 31 January 2016 04:48

    Great start..Now get the rest of the big crooks and murderers also,,Such parasites like the Horapakses should get and be punished with what they deserve..Ruined our country with their selfish greed..Utter parasites.

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    Hero Sunday, 31 January 2016 05:22

    oh what happened to navy veteran who fought with LTTE. is this Yahapalana?

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    Andrew Pitugala Sunday, 31 January 2016 11:45

    He did not fight against LTTE. He was always in the most safest place.

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    ANTON Sunday, 31 January 2016 06:27


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    BanisMama Sunday, 31 January 2016 06:46

    I hope an investigation is started for the pseudo Satellite project and out the "Space" engineer in is place, soon.

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    Zaheer Sunday, 31 January 2016 06:48

    Every action has equal and opposite reaction Kala de Pala de

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    Gamage Sunday, 31 January 2016 07:36

    Pure Political reprisal.

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    Sofia Sunday, 31 January 2016 11:02

    So you say they did not do these acts accused of by the Police. Ha Ha.

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    chandra Sunday, 31 January 2016 07:58

    political revenge covered with legal system via DM Android App

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    Arnold Sunday, 31 January 2016 08:00

    Other useless billion rupee projects like Matala airport, convention center should be investigated. What was the real purpose behind these white elephants. They are obviously not to serve Sri Lankans.

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    Bala Sunday, 31 January 2016 08:20

    Next time it will be Former President Rajapaksa, Shiranthi Rajapaksa, Namal Rajapaksa, former Minister Basil Rajapaksa and former defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksas turn one at a time. Gradually up the ladder of deceit corruption and amassing ill gotten wealth.

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    Appu Sunday, 31 January 2016 09:23

    Please investigate the other crimes he has done .Compare to other crimes , this is a small matter.

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    ANTON Sunday, 31 January 2016 09:31


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    Hora Wathie Sunday, 31 January 2016 12:38

    And on the same note, Rogue and Immoral fathers will produce rogue and immoral sons..MR good or rogue father?? You decide

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    damitha Auis Sunday, 31 January 2016 13:49

    who thought the father will lose power?

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    Sharon Sunday, 31 January 2016 10:23

    Dear learned bloggers. All your individual ideas are respected. Can one of you clearly highlight the change against which he was arrested. via DM Android App

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    acs Sunday, 31 January 2016 19:48

    Money Laundering

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    Ryan Sunday, 31 January 2016 12:10

    We have 4-5 political prisoners now, the allegations are nowhere to arrest Yoshitha or anybody

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    Leo Sunday, 31 January 2016 12:51

    One by one they come marching in. Oh how the mighty have fallen. via DM Android App

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    Bingo Sunday, 31 January 2016 13:10

    Another media show by yamapalanaya. In no time these goons will get bail. This thug should charge with murder yet Ranil as always fooling public.

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    Shelley Sunday, 31 January 2016 13:21

    I feel very sorry for this young man. The kitchen crowd inclusive of Modawansa and big mouthed Udaya and five foot took him in the wrong direction for their personal gain. via DM Android App

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    Brown Boy Sunday, 31 January 2016 20:18

    I wonder how many of you commenting on the good works of Gota and MR actually watched the video. This little mini Amin actually said that even Hitler did not commit such crimes as the present government. Is this former 7 Eleven worker even aware of the atrocities committed by Hitler. Another idiot just spewing rhetoric for the benefit of the ignorant masses.

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    Chamil Monday, 1 February 2016 09:29

    I think MR .Gota also should be imprisoned for finishing the war and for destroying LTTE. Very bad, no?

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    Jude Monday, 1 February 2016 09:50

    Who murdered the rugby player?

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    tomsam Wednesday, 3 February 2016 06:52

    what about the murder of ruggerite and other crimes.The whole F--king pakse family should be locked up and dragged along Galle road.

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