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Significance of Astrological Sun in Predictive Astrology

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The Sun in the 2nd Bhava of Leo of the Cancer Ascendant and in Aries for Pisces Ascendant produces Dhanayoga.



The Sun, the giver of light, life and energy is the king of the planetary world.

In Astronomy, the Sun is a star and the orbs that orbit the Sun are planets.  But in Astrology the Sun is considered a planet, the main planet in the Solar system.

It would be useful for the students of Astrology to gain a good grasp of the nature and characteristics of the Astrological Sun as described in classical works on Astrology. 



Sun represents ‘Atma’
In Astrology, the Sun represents ‘Atma’ or the soul and the Moon ‘Manasa’ or the mind. 

In fact, the positions of the Sun and the Moon in a horoscope provides key information about the life of the native. 
The Sun, represents apart from soul, father, personal magnetism, political power and godliness among many other things.  A strong Sun in a horoscope confers courage, longevity, good health, drive, dynamism and fame on the native. 



Results Sun produces in signs
When the Sun is Swakshetra (in his own sign) or exalted (in Aries), native becomes arrogant. Arrogance becomes an impediment to success. 

According to astrological principles, a debilitated Sun is a great asset to an ordinary person but detrimental to kings and rulers.  In fact, certain men the world history with a debilitated Sun have shone as successful politicians and statesmen.  Because humility is an essential quality for a politician and a debilitated Sun confers humility.

The Sun owns Leo sign and he produces good results when he is in this sign.  The Sun gives good results for Aries natives as the lord of the 5th Moolatrikona and for Sagittarius as the lord of the 9th Moolatrikona.



Results Sun produces in Houses
The Sun is strong in the 3rd House and confers good health, integrity of character and courage. But he is bad for the younger brothers of the native except when Leo falls in the 3rd sign. The Sun is considered favourable in the 6th House as the lord of the 6th for Pisces or as the lord of the 8th for Capricorn natives.

The Sun produces very good results in the 10th where he commands Digbala if he is not the lord of the 6th, 8th or the 12th.  The Sun produces excellent results in the 11th for the Sagittarius Ascendant as the lord of the 9th house. 

The Sun is normally good for the 11th House unless it happens to be a Badhakasthana for a movable ascendant.  
  A strong Sun in the 10th or the 11th House is as good as a good Jupiter.  The Sun exalted in the 7th in Aries as the lord of the 11th produces for Libra Ascendant or in Leo for Aquarius Ascendant Kalatrasaubhagya or a happy wedded life. 

The Sun in the 2nd Bhava of Leo of the Cancer Ascendant and in Aries for Pisces Ascendant produces Dhanayoga.



Sun in combinations
For the Sagittarius native Sun- Mercury combinations produces Rajayoga. 

Mercury in Gemini or Virgo with Sun in combination causes Rajayoga.  

The Sun, the royal planet and Jupiter, the Divine planet together make a very powerful combination.  This combination confers on the native sincerity, devotion to duty, political patronage and immense wealth. 

The Sun- Moon-combination produces the Kuhoo Yoga.  However, this yoga does not produce good results unless the combination is in the 3rd or the 11th House either with Jupiter or with Venus or aspected by one of them. 

Sun- Mars combination even in the 10th where they both command Digbala is unfavourable. The reason is that both Mars and Sun are fiery planets and their combination makes the native rash, impulsive and hot-tempered.  Besides, the combination gives a hot constitution causing diseases like hemorrhoids. 

Even in the 10th, native turns arrogant and dictatorial thus become an object of hatred of the subordinates. 

Sun- Mars- Jupiter combination in the 10th is very favourable. This combination confers a position of authority, or high office, wealth, pleasing and candid speech and uprightness. 

Sun- Saturn combination or opposition is not favourable for holding high office in the government.  It also signifies friction with the father. 

The Sun- Moon- Saturn combination is very unfavourable unless it receives the aspect of a strong Jupiter.

The Sun-Rahu combination is not favourable, especially if Rahu is very close to the Sun. 

The Sun in the 12th if in Taurus, Aquarius and Cancer aggravates disease and may even cause death. 

The Sun and the Moon in opposition or in conjunction with or aspected by Mars cause accidents.