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Bride turns into Mike Tyson and bites off husband’s ear for having beer with friend

27 Jan 2023 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

By Suranga Rajanayaka   

The home coming of a couple in Galatha in Gampola has ended up in a dispute when the bride assaulted the groom for enjoying a drink of beer with one of his friends. The bride who lost her temper had bit off a piece of the groom’s ear, assaulted his sister and scolded his father and mother.   

 She had returned the wedding ring to the groom saying that the marriage would end.    Investigations of the incident conducted by Gampola police on a complaint in this regard revealed that the bride and the groom had been in love for about seven years.  The bride was from Gampola and the groom from Galatha area and an employee in a private sector institution.   The bridegroom who enjoyed a drink of beer with a friend just as the couple arrived after the honeymoon had been late for about half an hour to enter the house at the auspicious hour, creating a dispute.  Police who had rushed to the scene on information received through Police Emergency Service prevented a clash between the relatives of the two parties.