Rising trend in live-streaming sex content among youth


Some clips have appeared on prominent pornography websites

Police have uncovered a large-scale racket involving the sale of live-streaming sex videos to a suspected Chinese company

According to sources, the  live-streaming package starts from Rs 2,500 and goes up to Rs 30,000

By Darshana Sanjeewa Balasuriya   

In a startling revelation, Sri Lanka’s law enforcement  agencies have reported a surge in incidents regarding live-streaming  sexual content involving youth, who are allegedly selling these explicit  clips to international companies.   

According to recent disclosures by the police, these  illicit activities have seen a notable increase due to their lucrative  nature.     

The Police disclosed that a significant number of  complaints have been filed, primarily concerning young couples aged  between 20 and 30 years.   

These individuals are reportedly engaging in live sex  streaming sessions, which are then recorded and sold to various  companies abroad for substantial profits. It is reported that some of  these clips have found their way onto prominent pornography websites.   

Authorities have intensified their efforts to curb this  alarming trend and have already made several arrests in connection with  these incidents.   

In a similar incident, the Piliyandala Police have  uncovered a large-scale racket involving the sale of live-streaming sex  videos to a suspected Chinese company.   

Acting on information received, Piliyandala Police arrested  two couples residing in a rented house in the Batakettara area of  Piliyandala in connection with the incident.   

During questioning, it was revealed that the couples had  moved into the house last March after residing in the Kollupitiya area.     

Another couple was also present at the time of the police  raid, and investigations have revealed their direct involvement in the  racket.   

Investigations further revealed that the company had  allegedly paid an amount ranging from Rs. 50,000 to 100,000 per video,  depending on the quality and the performance.   

The suspects, aged 22, 23, 26 and 27, were remanded after being produced before the Kesbewa Magistrate’s Court.   

Meanwhile, Police said that there is a rise in incidents  involving women engaging in prostitution under the guise of spa  services. Investigations have revealed that these women are earning  significant revenue through these activities.   

Police said they are conducting raids on brothels operating as spas, aiming to curb this illicit trade.   
In addition, police have identified numerous websites  promoting these illegal services. According to sources, the  live-streaming package starts from Rs 2,500 and goes up to Rs 30,000.  Further, the websites provide information to arrange physical meet-ups  for sex and its package starts from Rs 10,000.   

These revelations follow complaints from individuals who  were defrauded by advertisements on certain websites. The complainants  alleged that the posts promoted prostitution and live cam videos.   

They further claimed that despite the relevant payment made  via eZ Cash or online banking, the service is not delivered as  promised.   

As such, police warned the public not to fall prey to these  scams and cautioned that legal action will be taken against those  involved. However, they acknowledge the difficulties in taking action as  most of these incidents are individually operated.         

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