Shooting incident involving Uddika Premaratne self-orchestrated- Police

The incident involving the shooting of actor-turned-politician Uddika Premaratne's vehicle near his residence in Anuradhapura was allegedly orchestrated by the actor himself and an Assistant Superintendent of Police, Police Media Spokesman DIG Nihal Talduwa revealed today.


According to the initial investigation the said the actor had planned this incident together with the ASP, the spokesman said.


The shooting attack on MP Uddika Premaratne's vehicle took place on September 17, 2023. The side window of the car was damaged by the gunfire, but the MP was not injured.


The CID has identified the suspects involved in the incident.


The Police Media Spokesperson ASP Sanjeeva Mahanama, the suspect in the case, has left the country without proper authorization from the police department and a separate inquiry will be launched into this matter.


During the investigation, it was revealed that the ASP traveled to Malaysia on Tuesday. Additionally, information surfaced indicating that the suspected ASP visited Katunayake Airport and had his personal firearms, which were issued to him, sent to his workplace through another individual. 


It was emphasized that transferring a police officer's firearm to someone else's possession is a punishable offense.


Uddhika Premaratne resigned from his position as MP on February 27 and went to abroad.




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