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Govt calls for constrained response

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The government views the latest Channel 4 film as a work of drama ahead of the session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and therefore advocates a constrained response to the allegations raised in it regarding the Easter Sunday attack, Daily Mirror learns.

The Channel 4 dispatches implicates that the Easter Sunday bombings that killed 269 people in 2019 were part of a grand plot to bring back the Rajapaksas to power.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe is reported to have told the Cabinet the Channel 4 had timed it ahead of the UNHRC session as usual and therefore the government should not hastily take action, Instead, he is reported to have said that only those implicated in allegations should respond but not the government as a whole.

However, Daily Mirror learns that some MPs mulls a formal request to appoint a parliamentary select committee to probe the allegations.

Asked for a comment in this regard, Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardane said that he did not receive any such request yet though he heard about such intentions of certain MPs through informal channels. (Kelum Bandara)

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  • MirakRajBanda Thursday, 07 September 2023 08:11 AM

    High time to start the second Aragalaya and finish the unfinished business- Get rid of Rajapakses, Sarath Weerasekara, Wimal Weerawanse, Gammanpillai, Mahindananda Aluthgamge, Pillayan, Karuna, Gnanasara, and Ali Sabry.

    Shan Thursday, 07 September 2023 08:12 AM

    Why would Muslims commit suicide for Gota who was seen as anti Muslim? Doesn't make sense to me.

    Sokrates Thursday, 07 September 2023 10:30 AM


    X Thursday, 07 September 2023 01:35 PM

    They had no idea who they were doing it for. To them it's all about their beliefs. They were used.

    Jayantha Thursday, 07 September 2023 08:18 AM

    Then president,pm and ruwan should take full responsibility too for failure to stop rajapaksas plan.

    Punchi Thursday, 07 September 2023 08:39 AM

    No one has been convicted for any of the killings, pogroms, extra judicial killings, disappearances since 1958. The exception has been pardoned. Because we encouraged immunity. Rest assured the response by the authorities will be constrained and constricted in keeping with past practices in this mighty dharma in abundance 2500 year old supreme civilisation of ours

    Tinpot president and his criminal masters Thursday, 07 September 2023 08:39 AM

    Why not organisr another slaughter next Easter to show that 1. rajapaksas had nothing to do with the previous one, 2. You can pitch you election message on bringing peace to the people.

    president the conman Thursday, 07 September 2023 08:44 AM

    As usual the nincompoop president is silent on important issues but can talk at length about how fantastic the country will be in 2048.

    Mike Thursday, 07 September 2023 08:52 AM

    There he goes again , Talking through his ars !!!!! UNHCR should be the least of his worries , The GOSL has to respond and an International Probe is a must. They owe the victims and their families closure and justice.

    D S de Silva Thursday, 07 September 2023 08:56 AM

    Ranil 'Rajapakse' is on to it, not for justice as usual to cover up the Rajapakse thugs.

    joshua Thursday, 07 September 2023 09:02 AM

    We all believe it is not a drama. First arrest or suspend all those who are accused and appoint an international probe immediately. The World is not fools like our voters.

    Ram Thursday, 07 September 2023 09:03 AM

    Why we cannot investigate all the allegations in an open and honest manner? Transparency and accountability is lacking in every sectors. Appoint a parliamentary select committee and investigate further and if necessary bring in the international observers

    Jude Thursday, 07 September 2023 09:18 AM

    I reiterate, people who are responsible for Easter Sunday massacre roaming freely. Time to haul the culprits to the Hague yeah the international criminal courts. If any of these accused board to any commercial flight they should be snatched and procecuted at ICC, yeah.

    Jude Thursday, 07 September 2023 09:20 AM

    Why Ranil so worried!! He Will be implicated Coz he kept a blind eye and never asked the authorities to make an thorough investigation!!

    Johan Thursday, 07 September 2023 09:22 AM

    Those are not allegations but conspiracy to capture power by Rajapakses.Everyone in SL knows

    Jude Thursday, 07 September 2023 09:24 AM

    This time they're going down!! Mark my words, IT'S END of the line for the famous family members, they'll will be hauled to INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURTS IN THE HAGUE AND WILL BE PROSECUTED !!!

    Truth finder Thursday, 07 September 2023 09:25 AM

    Sri Lankan government is childish. To say it’s a drama is beggars belief. Be serious man. Do not become the permanent laughing stock of the world. Facts are stubborn. Address it.

    Jude Thursday, 07 September 2023 09:38 AM

    There's thousands of people including some politicians know who's responsible for the Easter Sunday massacre, but Notta single person came forward to do the right thing to the victims or to their families by helping to apprehend the culprits. And I reiterate that's Why Karma punished the nation by making it the living hell yeah with no food no water no electricity no fuel no gas no milk powder no medicine and Karma still punishing the majority of the island people.

    Jude Thursday, 07 September 2023 09:43 AM

    The curse of Easter Sunday attacks still making the majority of people to suffer, and they deserve it!!

    VRAJ Thursday, 07 September 2023 10:02 AM


    Ruwan Edwards Thursday, 07 September 2023 10:04 AM

    For the illegitimate government of corrupt racists everything that happens to the masses is a drama. Except when their own houses are burnt down.

    Tissa Fernando Thursday, 07 September 2023 10:05 AM

    Channel 4 has produced a drama and Rajapakshas should file a defamation case asking for USD Billions of damage. If Rajapakshas are silent , it means that they are not able to deny these allegations, in that case, they should get the ultimate punishment.

    J Julampitiya Thursday, 07 September 2023 10:07 AM

    This not an any form of a government. Just a junta.

    Mohamed Adham Thursday, 07 September 2023 10:14 AM

    Why is the RW administration still reluctant to take any active steps to close this case permanently ? Why are alleged suspected personnel like Suresh Sallay still in their very important positions ? Why this great reluctance for closure ?

    Lumbini Thursday, 07 September 2023 10:18 AM

    Looks like that our government has no reply to Channel 4.

    ANTON Thursday, 07 September 2023 10:50 AM


    Prof. K. Mahalingam Aiyar Thursday, 07 September 2023 11:00 AM

    However, the entire world knows that Gota

    J.A. Lalith Samarakoon [Attorney-at-Law] Thursday, 07 September 2023 11:03 AM

    Nothing will work now as it was clearly proved that Rajapakshes' were behind the scene for Easter Sunday brutal attack. They should face the consequences soon by the International Judges.

    Whisky Madam Thursday, 07 September 2023 11:07 AM

    Those who talked of Richard de Soysa, killed Lasantha - Sunnday Leader

    Vernon Thursday, 07 September 2023 11:07 AM

    The government can only bluff and cover up this exposure . The potuwa fellows are there to help. Nothing will happen to bring justis to effected families. Suresh saly and pillyan will be freely doing what they want. Rajapaksha regim will come back to power in the next election

    Jacob Rodney Rajasingham from West Germany Thursday, 07 September 2023 11:12 AM

    Now there is no say, it is proven by Channel -4 that Gota, Mahinda and Pillaiyan planned and caused a curse to Sri Lanka. The present crisis for our land is because of these ruthless rulers. If Ranil still protects these criminals, he too will face the curses soon.

    N V Jen Thursday, 07 September 2023 12:03 PM

    Ranil must have given an undertaking to Gota that he will not probe Easter attacks, when he took over the presidency, the same way he promised Mahinda that corruption and murder scandals during his era will be ignored during Yahapalanaya regime. but Maithri knew about this in advance and was asked to leave for Singapore under the guise of shopping for son's wedding. So no inquiry will take place by this govt. for sure.

    Justice prevails Thursday, 07 September 2023 12:08 PM

    These evils can escape the law by using the loop holes, but Karma is boomerang, get ready to face it ASAP, you cannot escape it. I mean never.

    john frazer Thursday, 07 September 2023 12:10 PM

    why majority Sri Lanka are behaving like buffalos. We knew this all along since 2008 Channel 4 does not need to pint out All the mini ethic violence was created by Rajapaksha’s The supports who harbour them including the monks also will pay a price like there leaders. In one day they took over 260 innocent lives

    Lalin Fernandopulle Thursday, 07 September 2023 12:18 PM

    A full and independent int'l investigation must be conducted with the participation of the living victims, the kith and kin of the deceased and all who have access to information. Those implicated must be probed and punished by an international court of justice for crime against humanity.

    George Thursday, 07 September 2023 12:27 PM

    For those who don't know...There are extremists in every country that are watched very carefully by the intelligence community. When they need them, they give them all the support to carry out their mad ideas. The terrorists just wanted to die for their cause. They have no idea its to bring Gota back into power

    Gvallasamy Thursday, 07 September 2023 12:35 PM


    Nimal Thursday, 07 September 2023 12:40 PM

    I must say this, when I hear of all these nefarious activities of our rulers. The patience of our people is at its breaking point.

    Hadam Thursday, 07 September 2023 12:47 PM

    It was a smoking coal with warped idealogy. Gota just added fuel to it.

    Human being Thursday, 07 September 2023 01:26 PM

    @Nimal : spot on, we are on the edge of breaking point, our people are furious after heard this news.

    Bernard Jayatilake Thursday, 07 September 2023 02:02 PM

    This has nothing to do with human rights violations but election fixing by creating a fear psychosis among the voters citing breakdown of law and order and weakness in defence apparatus ahead of elections.

    Nadi Karunaratne Thursday, 07 September 2023 03:32 PM

    Ranil has revealed on numerous occasions that he is as hungry for power as his puppet masters. The C4 program was rigorous and cited credible evidence that cannot be dismissed as drama. We won't be a nation at ease with itself until the culprits and their ciphers languish behind bars.

    Buddhist Friday, 08 September 2023 01:21 AM

    All the countries that lost their own citizens in the Easter attack should form a group with Sri Lankans and conduct an independent inquiry with criminal investigation divisions jointly in those countries.

    Nadi Karunaratne Friday, 08 September 2023 01:13 PM

    The government is a creature of the Rajapakse's headed by a President who exists as he is willing to protect them. The political class, police and judicial system have proved themselves, case after tragic case, incapable of delivering truth and justice. It's like expecting the Mafia to convict themselves. They are moral degenerates and practical incompetents. Only an external investigation and trial will give redress to the hundreds of victims killed. We owe it to them.

    Nuwan Friday, 08 September 2023 03:44 PM

    Allegations are made and then forgotten. Because there is no rule of law in the land. Fundamental issue is the state lacking strong and trustworthy institutions. None of the educated, uneducated, government, opposition, rich, poor don't seem to understand this fundamental problem. If RW is brave enough, he can take action against now unpopular man GR and wash his hands away. Pohottu politicians can look away easy.

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