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He jumped the gun!

26 Feb 2020 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

The Green party radicals formed a new alliance and decided to contest the polls under the ‘Heart’ symbol. 



A large majority in the party had favoured the “Heart’ symbol though the Green chief had reservations about it from the very outset. 

Meanwhile, the young radical from Badulla, ‘a man in a hurry’ had put up banners and posters with his mug saying, ‘Badulle Kollath hadavathatai! (Badulla Boy too is for the ‘Heart’”)  
Two days later, to the much embarrassment of the ‘Badulla Boy,’ the general secretary of the new alliance announced that the ‘Swan’ would be its new symbol. 

The ‘Badulla Boy’ had immediately removed all banners and posters he had put up and had gone into silent mode since then, they say. 


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