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A meeting with dairy cattle

11 Sep 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

The responsibility of organizing public meetings and seminars for the Pohottuwa candidate to attend, has been assigned to the alliance’s Diyawanna politicos.

A young Diyawanna politico from the deep South had taken over the responsibility of organizing a seminar for the ‘kiri goviyo’ (dairy farmers) in his district for the party candidate to attend as the chief guest. After organizing the seminar, the young Diyawanna politico was telling a group of colleagues at the lobby all about the event when one of the members asked him: “Whom is your candidate going to meet today?” “Kiri gavayo! (diary cattle)” was his prompt reply. The member realized the slip of the tongue only when his colleagues broke into laughter and he quietly slipped out.