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Thumb – What the signs and lines on it say

22 Nov 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

We have already discussed the size and shape of the Thumb and its position in relation to the rest of the palm with details of significations relating to each type of Thumb.

However, the reading of a Thumb is not complete without a study of the lines and signs on it for they too hold out important messages which we cannot ignore.

We discussed the significations of signs and lines ( from 1 to 9) on the first or the nailed phalanx of the Thumb last week. Now let us discuss the significations of the signs and lines on the second phalanx of the Thumb.

Significations of signs and lines on the second phalanx

1. Horizontal lines: Poor reasoning power and lack of common sense 
2. A forked line: Hesitating and indecisive
3. A cross: The subject can be easily influenced
4. A triangle: A scientific or philosophical genius
5. A square: Blind stubbornness
6. A circle: Triumph of reason 
7. A grille: Lack of sense of morality and genuine reasoning power
8. A line from second phalanx to the line of Life: Unhappiness and difficulties in married life