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The 7th House in the horoscope Significator of your spouse, success or failure of marriage

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The 7th House is one of the four quadrants or Kendras in the horoscope.

This House represents wife or husband, marriage, urinary organs, marital happiness, general prosperity, sexual diseases, trade and speculation, diplomacy and honour in foreign lands, source and manner of death and latent energies.

■The 7th House is one of the two Maraka sthanas (death-inflicting Houses).  The other Maraka Sthanas is the 2nd House. 

■Venus is the Karaka or the significator for the 7th House.  Saturn commands Digbala in this House.  The 7th also represents the West direction and also the pelvic region of the body. 
■If the lord of the 7th House is in his own sign or in exaltation, the spouse or the marriage would be a source of happiness to 
the native.

■If the 7th lord joins Rahu or Ketu and is aspected by Mars or Saturn while Venus is afflicted or badly placed, one would become immoral from one’s early years. 

■If the 7th lord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th House, the spouse would be sickly.  This principle does not apply in instances where the 7th lord is Swakshetra or exalted in one of these three Houses.

■If Venus is in the 7th House, the native would be licentious. 

■Venus joining a malefic in any House would cause the loss of spouse. 

■If the weak Moon joins a malefic in the 7th House, the native would be immoral.

■If the 7th lord is strong and is conjunct with or aspected by a benefic, the native would be wealthy, honorable, happy and fortunate.  If Venus conjoins with the 2nd, 7th, and the 6th lords, the native would be a person of loose moral character. 

■In case, the 7th lord is in a sign of Saturn or of Venus and is aspected by a benefic, the native would have sex with several men or women. 

■Mercury with Venus in the 7th House makes the native have extra-marital relationships. 

■Mars with Mercury and Venus in the 7th without benefic aspects makes the native extremely passionate and leads him/her to seek unnatural means of gratification. 

■The native would have sexual union with barren women if the Sun is in the 7th House. 

■Jupiter in the 7th House makes the native highly principled and chaste in sex matters. 

■Should the 5th lord be in the 7th, and the 7th lord is with malefics and Venus is weak, wife would die during pregnancy. 

■If the 2nd the 7th lords are in their own Houses, the native would have one wife/husband.

■If Malefics are in the 12th and the 7th while the weak Moon is in the 5th House,   the spouse would control the native and he/she would be hostile to the family. 

■If the 7th lord is powerfully exalted and occupies birth, the native would have only one wife. 

■If the 7th lord and the 12th lord is Venus and he occupies the 9th House aspected by Saturn, two marriages are signified. 

■If the 7th lord is in the 6th aspected by Rahu and with no beneficial conjunctions, two marriages are indicated. 

■If the 7th lord and the 10th lord exchange their Houses and the 2nd lord occupies a beneficial Navamsa, the native would enjoy marital happiness.