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Astrological guide to marital happiness

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A lasting happy married life is the dream of every young adult, male or female.  Marital happiness, for life, is much more important than wealth, fame or high status.

We know that some couples fall in love, marry in haste to repent at leisure.  The failure in marriage causes immense pain of mind. Young couples can ensure lasting marital happiness if they make it a point to consult a competent astrologer before tying the knot to ascertain whether they are compatible conjugally and they can make their marriage a success.

The comparison of the horoscopes of the proposed couple is a must to ascertain whether they are suited for each other – matching in respect of all important temperamental, psychological and physical aspects.

We wish to familiarize our readers with several planetary positions and combinations which are relevant to conjugal compatibility and marital happiness. 

■Mars occupying the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th House in a horoscope causes Mars Blemish or Kuja Dosha. Kuja Dosha could lead to the failure of the married life. However, there are many factors that nullify the Kuja Dosha.
■Lagna lord, the 7th lord and Karaka for marriage Venus in a horoscope should be well-placed and well-aspected for a marriage to be a success.
■Sun and Saturn should not be in Parivartana or exchange signs in a horoscope as otherwise there would be endless bickering between wife and husband
■If the lord of the 7th House is hemmed between two malefics and placed in the 6th or the 8th House, the native should be very careful in selecting a partner and avoid over-indulgence in sex for that could seriously affect his longevity.
■ The 7th lord in Virgo, which is the debilitation sign of Venus in a male horoscope could create problems in married life. In the case of a female, Jupiter placed in Capricorn too could give rise to difficulties that could affect marital happiness.  However, if the two planets are placed in favourable positions in the Navamsa Chart, the ill-effects would get mitigated to some extent. 
■The 7th lord in the 6th House could lead to two marriages. If in the case of a male, Venus is also afflicted, the native, if be a male would suffer from impotency and other illness. 
Malefics in the 7th House from Venus could make the married life unhappy.