6000 year grains unearthed

2016-01-16 03:31:57

A team of researchers from the Archaeological Faculty of the Kelaniya University lead by Prof. Raj Somadewa has discovered a kind of grains of more than 6000 years during excavations on the Ilukkumbura area in Balangoda which was the seat of an ancient civilization.

 Prof, Somadewa said it was evident that the staple diet of the earliest inhabitants of the county comprised of rice, herbs and fruits. He pointed out that the kind of paddy he discovered had evolved into the present varieties of paddy cultivated in the country. He refused the notion that the variety of paddy cultivated in Sri Lanka had an Indian origin.

“We discovered several kinds of grains including paddy, during excavations. We referred specimens to the Beta Analytics Corporation in Florida for laboratory tests to determine the chronology. They have reported that the history of paddy runs as far back as 4350BC. It is evident that the pre-historic man who lived about 6000 years ago had given up hunting and switched to vegetarian diet. The varieties of paddy might have been improved later into the present varieties,” he said.

He also said the botanists in Colombo were not in a position to identify the grains. However the Beta Analytics Corporation had sent their report in two weeks. He said that his team would carry out further research on all wild paddy and other seeds. (Prince Ratnayake)

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  • Thanos Saturday, 16 January 2016 10:17

    Congratulation! Some good news for a change.

    Reply : 3       51

    V.Carlos Saturday, 16 January 2016 23:15

    i wonder if pizza hut was founded at that time.

    Reply : 3       0

    Civilized man Saturday, 16 January 2016 15:39

    The pre-historic man who lived about 6000 years ago had given up hunting and switched to vegetarian diet. They were more humane then us.

    Reply : 5       34

    Hiran Saturday, 16 January 2016 16:24

    There is enough and more evidence to suggest that there was an advanced civilization in Sri Lanka thousands of years ago.In fact evidence from balangoda itself suggest that hominins which are anatomically similar to modern humans roamed this island even before the ice age. So why are we still taught that we come from a bandit king from India?

    Reply : 2       39

    Aralia Saturday, 16 January 2016 16:28

    Another discovery which proves that the Hela Civilization exhisted long before Wijaya came

    Reply : 6       41

    Patriot Saturday, 16 January 2016 17:01

    Congratulations for this important finding. I hope these seeds might have preserved well till today. So if an expert do a DNA analysis of these seeds, it may be the best way to identify the plant species.

    Reply : 1       15

    Dee Saturday, 16 January 2016 17:34

    Good. It can be well preserved at the fully equipped storage facilities in MRIA.

    Reply : 11       16

    vini Saturday, 16 January 2016 20:27

    Well done, Prof Indiana Jones.

    Reply : 5       10

    Lanka Saturday, 16 January 2016 21:29

    Very interesting....looking forward to more on this research news.

    Reply : 1       19

    Vipula ratna Saturday, 16 January 2016 22:46

    Great discovery to emphasized our unique heritage and origin. Thank you Professor and the team.

    Reply : 0       4

    former Minister of National Heritage Saturday, 16 January 2016 23:10

    more than 6000 years??? Our ayyala are really good to give numbers...

    Reply : 1       1

    Civilized Man Saturday, 16 January 2016 23:44

    Very Interesting fact, soon they will also discover those people who lived 6000 years ago in Balangoda spoke Tamil.

    Reply : 0       4

    gayan Sunday, 17 January 2016 00:02

    Another case for FCID.

    Reply : 0       3

    Cobra Sunday, 17 January 2016 08:07

    How come at the present time paddy gets spoiled after a few months of storage? This shows that our ancients knew the science of storage and preservation.

    Reply : 1       2

    Rohan Sunday, 17 January 2016 12:45

    Must be a place like Mattala!

    Reply : 1       1

    kumar Sunday, 17 January 2016 16:15

    So what about Lion blood story, then?

    Reply : 1       5

    Thanos Sunday, 17 January 2016 18:10

    Its just that. A STORY. Sri Lankan history did not start with Vijaya and Kuweni.

    Reply : 0       6

    vni Sunday, 17 January 2016 19:26

    Millions of years ago, like everybody else, we were apes and not lions.

    Reply : 0       4

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