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Prez has not learned anything from the past: Ven. Sobitha Thera

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The current president, Ranil Wickremesinghe, was appointed to the post for the sake of the Aragalaya and it seems he has not learned anything from the past, Ven. Dr. Omalpe Sobitha Thera said.

Addressing the media, he emphasized that the people who stole the national wealth should be brought to justice and that corrupt people should not be appointed as ministers.

Instead of new procedures, the President is seen continuing with the old practices. He used to continue with this same selfish and inhumane political agenda with the support of his old ministers, friends and relatives.

Therefore, we strongly advise him to stop the old practices, punish the thieves, and bring the country's national wealth back from the people who stole it, he said. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)

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  • Janaka Perera Monday, 15 August 2022 10:46 PM

    The Thera is absolutely right. I see many idotic comments blaming Aragalaya for petty issues, or asking to give RW a chance to rescue the country. By appointing the same corrupt political leaders and cabinet, we are doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Aragalaya's just struggle was hijacked by corrupt, a crook

    Adam Speak Monday, 15 August 2022 10:57 PM

    It seem there is no respect for the Sangha, Buddhism or any other religions and ethics in Sri Lanka. Its always business as usual for the governments and their politicians. That's why we are in this story state today. As long as the Judicial and the forces are with them, nothing can be done. Only God can save this country and its people. I hope and wish they realize and change the situation for the sake of the country rather than other agendas. You can fool some people at some times not all the people at all times. Enough is the curse we have for the past 70 years. Hope they hear this call now, before its too late. We are like a sinking ship. When sunk everybody perishes whether Rich, Poor or including Rulers.

    Ghaney Monday, 15 August 2022 11:02 PM

    Mr.Sobitha. Don't you think it's high time for you to become a thero now? Stay away from politics and let the masses decide whom they want as their leaders. You have been one of the key men who stirred the racism for personal gains. Now you are playing a holy man's role.

    Jude Tuesday, 16 August 2022 02:18 AM

    Aragalaya mission was not completed however it was a great achievement to get rid of sitting President!!!! It will be another 2 years before people will be able to elect a president, at which point people has to reject all these SCUMBAGS!! Mind you no politician Got elected unlawfully, they were elected by voters!! So next time, help the Aragalaya to complete it's mission by electing the right people!!

    Common sense Tuesday, 16 August 2022 02:27 AM

    With respect to Sobitha Thera, I think you have not learnt anything about Sri Lankan politics and the corrupt politicians Rajapakses. These people who stole the national wealth will never ever bring it back. They deny stealing. No concrete proof in SL.I will not elect them to power. However they will promise the moon , play the racist cad that the country will be divided if not vote for them and the gullible will fall at their feet. Mark my words ?

    Ram Tuesday, 16 August 2022 02:34 AM

    Ven Sir, Please remind him of Batalanda, CBA Robbery and what he said when in opposition and soon after becoming PM for him to open his eyes. If his eyes fails to open that is it

    Jude Tuesday, 16 August 2022 02:35 AM

    Voters must come together and get rid of all the currupt politicians!! In SL 80% of politicians representing the parliament for over 20 years!! And 50% of all the politicians in Parliament are over 65 years old!! This has to be changed!! MPs term must be limited to One term!! Including President, ONE term only!! Moreover, MP's paid only an allowance and legitimate expenses are reimbursed!! NO DUTY FREE CARS period!!

    Ara Tuesday, 16 August 2022 04:12 AM

    Is this a joke, they r desperately trying to protect themselves, what makes you think that he was appointed to make change

    Ronald Marshall Tuesday, 16 August 2022 04:55 AM

    If only the President takes this GOOD advice, Sri Lanka can begin to prosper again.

    Lion Tuesday, 16 August 2022 05:18 AM

    His image as Mr Clean was lost after bringing a rouge to head the central bank amidst the opposition of his own camp during yahapalana regime. All his actions are controlled by A grade rouge Basil, from behind the curtain.

    Sena Tuesday, 16 August 2022 11:10 AM

    FYI RW never had a clean image. None of our politicians do. SL will continue to be a backward country until such time as a new political culture is created. The need is for highly educated youth to join politics in order to squeeze out the rogues. If you look at the 225, less than 25 would have the intellect or capacity to lead the country. The biggest mistake we made was to seek independence back in 1948. That was the beginning on our path of destruction.

    Demuni Uduwara Tuesday, 16 August 2022 06:34 AM

    Ranil held premiership 5 times but a failed statesman.

    Jaffna Logic Tuesday, 16 August 2022 06:46 AM

    Follow my argument; It was because of Aragalaya the Rajapaksas were forced relinquish power, but each time a senior Rajapaksa relinquished power the Rajapaksas clan appointed Ranil to fill in the position. They could have filled it with some other politician yet they choose Ranil to replace them. Of course Ranil may not have been the first choice of the Rajapaksas but then as no one else came to accept the offer we can ignore them in the argument. This is how Ranil first became a Prime Minister and then few months later got the position of the President. So logically, is it Aragalaya or Rajapaksas who contributed more for Ranil’s success. Since both the events Aragalaya occurring and Rajapakshas choosing Ranil have to happen for Ranil to succeed, the contributions from Aragalaya and Rajapakshas in Ranil’s success are equivalent. Intuitively we may feel Aragalaya created President Ranil but logic indicates Aragalaya played only 50% in Ranil’s success, well this is called Mathematics.

    BBM Tuesday, 16 August 2022 07:53 AM

    Not only politicians but also Buddhist monks and their fanatic followers.

    Bandu Tuesday, 16 August 2022 08:01 AM

    Stick to religion, if you want to get into politics give up the robe.

    Be a light than curse the darkness Tuesday, 16 August 2022 08:11 AM

    Ven Sobitha thero, as a nation why are we all waiting for the president to catch thieves? Can't you get the lawyers who clapped for the bus burners to lodge complaints in the police, bribery commission, COPE, public ombudsman etc. If they like they can even take a few media cameras along with them. For System Change be the change yourself first.

    sam Tuesday, 16 August 2022 08:16 AM

    You are mistaken Ven. Ranil Rajapaksa was elected by only 134 in order to safeguard the thieves.

    Boru Na Atha...Atha... Atha... Tuesday, 16 August 2022 08:24 AM

    If President RW appoints any former rogues from SLPP, Aragalaya-2nd Phase will commence and this time there will be more blood shed and there will be fire everywhere targeting the SLPP members.

    Cherath Tuesday, 16 August 2022 08:28 AM

    Ven. Sir., the principal cause of Ranil's ineptitude when dealing with the common masses surely is the huge disparity/distance between his background and social class with the people's. As he makes no attempt to level up, he cannot fathom their heartbeat (just as it was with JR)

    Action Lambert Tuesday, 16 August 2022 08:34 AM

    Ven. Dr. Omalpe Sobitha Thera, now its a golden opportunity for Ranil to take appropriate action against all looters of Potuwa (SLPP) then he will have 100% support from all parties.

    Boru Na Atha.... Atha....Atha.... Tuesday, 16 August 2022 08:38 AM

    We will wait for another two (02) months, if RW does not take any actions against Potuwa thieves and Rajapakshes' we will get in to start our Phase-2 operations which will be much dangerous than Phase-1 (9th May).

    Tania's secret mission Tuesday, 16 August 2022 08:41 AM

    Sorry to say, now Aragalaya-2 boys and girls are well trained with Weapons all island and it will be easy to combat the tri-forces and sloppy Police before that Ranil should wipe out SLPP completely.

    gamini Tuesday, 16 August 2022 09:04 AM

    it was your robed clan that brought that despot to power under the guise of bringing in Buddhist rule. Stop talking nonsense on subjects that you don't know or understand and stick to preaching bana

    johan Tuesday, 16 August 2022 09:10 AM

    He must dissolve the parliament with his executive power in hand and call for fresh election for the people to choose their representatives

    johan Tuesday, 16 August 2022 09:17 AM

    It is BASL and Ven.Sobitha Thera has not learned anything from the past attitudes of our politicians.They made the blunder by asking Aragalaya to hand over all state buildings peacefully.Otherwise there would have been a new Government by now.

    Punchi Tuesday, 16 August 2022 09:36 AM

    Militant Buddhism beginning with a robed assassin monk killing SWRD Bandaranaike, and Buddism foremost that has significantly contributed to the downfall and possible eventual dismemberment. If Buddism foremost is so great why is our failed blessed land not in an elevated position and why are we begging from Hindu, Muslim and Atheist countries ?

    BuffaloaCitizen Tuesday, 16 August 2022 09:39 AM

    If this country has people who learn from lessons, then SWRD would never bought "Sinhala only" policy, there would have never been a JVP insurrection, there would not have been 1983 riots, the LTTE would have never be formed as a violent reaction to Sinhalese hegemony, Gnanasara would be shamed by good Sinhalese Buddhists who are distinctive majority and clergy like you would never engage in Politics.

    Prema muhandiram Tuesday, 16 August 2022 09:52 AM

    President should never increase the Cabinet more than 20 and 20 deputes if his interest is to come up from current economic disaster. Also he should take immediate action to punish the corrupt politician and ensure concrete steps to prevent in the future,otherwise go for general election and hand over the power what ever the cost may be.

    Sunil Tuesday, 16 August 2022 09:58 AM

    Undoubtedly Ranil was appointed to safeguard the rajapakshas. He is but a minion in their hands and will dance to their tune. That is why it is taking such a long time to appoint the new cabinet. Pohottuwa guys want their henchmen back even though it will only mean reshuffling the pack of jokers without any constructive outcome.

    Jef Tuesday, 16 August 2022 10:45 AM

    Sri Lanka been distroyed by own native that practice same same bring this nation to normalcy its going to take very long time not for nother 20 to 30 years Reforms legislations law

    Be patient Tuesday, 16 August 2022 11:10 AM

    When RW waves his magic wand, all our debts will vanish and we are free of all debts. But we have to wait for that magic moment.

    bandara Tuesday, 16 August 2022 11:48 AM

    you first learn how to preach Bana, that is why you wear the Robe, you are involving in politics without reading the Constitution first

    Punchi Tuesday, 16 August 2022 12:02 PM

    Mr Thera, if your and our Buddhism is so great try inviting the only internationally known and universally respected Buddhist the Dalai Lama to our Buddha thrice visited and blessed but hocked to China paradise. The Chinese will kick our backsides forcefully if we try or do

    Karalasingam Sivalingam Tuesday, 16 August 2022 12:15 PM

    Ranil is the man of the hour, with vast experience in politics, he is not a corrupt politician. It is easy to critize. Most critics have obtained gratification from Arjuna Aloysius.

    Cholmondeley Pinto Tuesday, 16 August 2022 12:41 PM

    It looks like neither have you. The religious leaders must keep out of politics.

    Maybe you need to learn Tuesday, 16 August 2022 12:47 PM

    Dear Ven. Dr. Thera, you ask for peace, you ask for vacating buildings occupied. Ranil made that happen by military force, and going all out to ensure RanilGoGama can't revive. Surely it is you who must learn about your past actions, and the calamity it bring to the youth of the Aragalaya. They suffer because of your and lawyer group grandstanding against the youth movement, after Gota left.

    Naman Tuesday, 16 August 2022 01:48 PM

    President should remove the current lot of cabinet ministers and select good ones from the entire parliamentarians

    Man Tuesday, 16 August 2022 02:33 PM

    From Venerable Devanagala Thera in the Portuguesa era, monks came forward to advice like Venerable Sobitha Thera, now. Nothing wrong. Anybody can file a case, if desired, to prove it wrong.

    Adam Tuesday, 16 August 2022 03:40 PM

    The President cannot bring justice to the people! Both the President and Prime Minister are under auth to Rajapakse family to safeguard them and their SLPP parliament thugs. The President needs to survive next two and half years with the support of SLPP. He cannot stand on his own feet. Sri Lanka needs fresh election

    Jayantha Tuesday, 16 August 2022 04:15 PM

    Sad story is that this so called Buddhist thero hasn’t learned anything from the Lord Buddha.

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